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    Challenge Modes- Shroud of Concealment

    Is there a guide or list of optimum skippable packs? My group is finally gonna be starting on these, and I'd like to know what other rogues are doing there.

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    well you need time so that gives you 2 choices :
    Skip hardest
    Skip most

    Whichever takes more time .
    To make it easier using it most times is also better , so using it asap to trigger the cooldown faster is also a good choice .

    Well so : use it asap on first hard , or first couple of packs you meet .

    I guess you could be using , or should be using it between bosses , like before 1 before 2 etc , to get most benefit , so it does recharge in boss , judging by gold timers its like 3 4 times per run amiright ? maybe 5 when its 20 minutes .

    So you you have a precise time lapse when you MUST use it , you know which are best condition to use it . (also its nice to use it when mounting is possible)

    So with all that staff shouldnt be very hard to choose the best moments . IMO

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