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    Balance - Break points, need help.

    Hey guys, i believe the break point is 5273 (12.40%) at level 90, does this mean i get 12.40% completely unbuffed or do i get 7.40% + the 5% off boomkin form that brings me up to 12.40? lappé looks like he has currently got the 7.40 plus the 5% that brings him up to the the haste point, but i am unsure.

    Can someone explain this for me!

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    The 5273 breakpoint gives you the extra ticks with the 5% haste raid buff and Nature's Grace.
    On another note, haste is not additive, 7.40% and the 5% raid buff does not equal 12.40%.

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    ohh right i see, but i still dont get you ''does not equal 12.40%'' how wouldnt it?

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    Haste on gear is additive
    Haste effects are multiplicative. If you have 7.4% haste from gear and 5% from raid buff, its 1.074*1.05 = 1.1277-> which is 12.8% total haste.

    When natures graces procs (15% haste) its 1.074*1.05*1.15 = 1.2969-> 30% haste..etc

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    aahhhh i get you, slightly confusing but yeah i get you, thanks mate btw could i get a link to you armory?

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