Since a lot of people are giving their own thoughts on MoP I figgured I'd do it myself too.
I can start by saying that I play a level 90 holy priest with atm 465 avg item level. thoughts...The quests, well I liked most of the zones I think the quests were fun and entertaining, except for Dread Wastes, I think that zone wasn't really complete, boring quests and not as good looking zones as all the others. I especially liked Jade Forest and Kun-Lai Summit, great zones
dungeons, I like them! less trash mobs and more boss fights, very nice.
Raids, well I haven't done any actual raiding, just ran the first raid finder and I liked it even though I didn't receive any loot from and of the bosses (and also used 3 coins, one on each boss!), I liked the boss mechanics there at least, good job.
challenge modes, I think this is a great idea, I haven't done it myself but I will deffinetely try it out. This is a very good option for people with the best raiding gear and find dungeons way too easy, gg Blizz!
Scenarios, now here is on of the negative things, scenarios are in my opinion a bit boring...but the worst part is probably that they are not enough rewarding, I mean these were supposed to replace group quests. But in the old group quests you always received a reward of some sort. This is not at all the case in scenarios, I've done about 7-8 scenarios myself and I've ONCE recieved a reward. I think Blizzard should make them more rewarding!
Farming, well I like the whole thing of having your own farm, though it gets a bit boring and simple, you just do the same thing over and over every day, make it a bit more flexible.
Cooking, it's very nice with all the specializations or whatever you like to call them, personally I only chose one (Pot) but I know a lot of people train them all, Blizzard should do something similar to the other secondary skills too (maybe specialize into bandages that give you mana?? Learn to fish with a net??)
Pandas, I know a lot of people are complaining that they don't fit it and they are too cute and cuddly as a race. Maybe that's right, I've played a female pandaren and yes, I agree they don't really fit in. I loved the Wandering Isle though, great job for that starting zone.
Monks, haven't really played much, just a rather low level on the beta. Not really a class I could see myself play, I think the tanks are a bit squishy when I get one of them in a dungeon (or maybe it's just a a bad player?) Healers, no idea since I'm always the healer DPS, sure they are ok, I myself wouldn't really play a class that fights with his hands and feet but no problem with them, they are rather similar to rogues.
Pet battles, well I haven't played em too much, but this is something I don't really like. Not something for me I think the fights are a bit too stiff since you attack one at a time. Would be a lot different if you would control your pet in an actual WoW fight. Though I think this is rather nice for younger players that can't raid or do PvP when they are max level
Daily quests, horrible! horrible grind! hate it! I do all the daily quests (golden lotus, klaxxi, tillers, anglers and cloud serpents) every day and I hate it! Can't wait to get exalted with them. I thought Blizzard wanted to get rid of grinds like this. THey should've added the kind of tabard they had for all factions in Cataclysm, then you would have an option to either do the daily quests, farm dungeons with the tabard, or both.
I want to end this post by saying that I overall love the expansion and I think Mists of Pandaria is the best World of Warcraft expansion made so far. I hope a game master also gets my thoughts and what do you guys think about MoP?
Appologise for my bad English :-)