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    WoW Map viewer

    Hi all,

    About the project;

    I'm a gameartist recreating Warsong Gulch in the Unreal Development Kit for my portfolio. So this will be a 1st or 3rd person shooter Capture The Flag map, next-gen WoW style.

    The problem;

    I recently found a great tool, the wowmodelviewer. This allows me to check out the models one by one.
    What I need now is a map viewer so I can fly through WSG without 10 alliance trying to kill me so I can get a clear view of scale and stay true to the WSG feeling.

    I noticed that MMO-Champion has a lot of video's where they shoot environment stuff on some sort of private server or perhaps a mapviewer. If anyone has any info on this please reply and help me out

    I'm getting a server online this weekend for testing out a boxed out version. If everything goes well I'll post an update and hopefully some people would like to frag a bit.

    Kind regards,


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    I think bibi / chaud has some type of sandbox they use, but unfortunately they'll probably never share it :[

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