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    Shado Pan is my least favorite right next to cloud serpent. Shado Pan is a pain because you have to deal with an npc who doesn't help much at all, requires you to fly a long distance away to do the dailies (or in the least teleport to a closer island and fly to the next island), and you have to figure out ways to deal with too many adds when the guy you want already has 2 adds attached to him. Some classes mileage may vary of course.
    If you use the distract coins to hit just the two followers, they'll stop and stare at the target location while the big mob keeps walking. He'll get far enough away that his buddies won't pull with him. Then if you've cleared out a few mobs ahead of him on the patrol path, you can pull the big guy off to the side and kill him without getting a single add.

    Mileage doesn't vary at all on the Wu Kao Assassins set because it's made for a stealth-based toolkit that is provided for everyone. Unfortunately if you don't play a rogue the applications of each item aren't immediately apparent, so you wind up with some people thinking the only solution is to charge in and take as many of the bastards with them as possible.

    I actually didn't much care for the yaungol daily set myself, but the mantid one had a layer of strategy on it that I actually had a bit of fun with.

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    I don't see a problem with them other than having to fly a lot. The mantid island has a bit too many mobs but I don't even use the stealth or items that they give you when you take the quest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crashdummy View Post
    I am not missing the point. The point is that he is doing the hub even because he doesnt like it, like i did it even when i didnt like it, because they are not optional.
    So a sunroof in a car isn't optional either then by your standards? Because the only thing that does is slightly improve quality of life too.... You try to make it sound as if it was the brake that you need to get separately which is not the case. One can do fine without the stuff, so really it is optional no matter how you spin it...

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    I just have to say that i pity some of you people that hate dailies.

    I tried to do Klaxxi to get the scorpion but ended up after like two days just ganking other people instead. The quests are so damn boring and picturing what you had to go thru with useless NPCs pulling everything makes me depressed.
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