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    [H] Sovereign - Eredar. 2/6 Heroic - LF Exceptional DPS. EST

    10-man guild.

    Currently looking for
    Melee DPS: Death Knight
    Ranged DPS: High - Boomkin preferably
    Tanks: N/A
    Healers: Resto druid, must be amazing

    Amazing players are encouraged to inquire regardless of our needs.
    WOL/WMO logs must accompany guild applications, or at the very least extensive raiding experience.

    Official Raid Times
    Monday-Thursday 9pm-1am. If we are close to a kill you are expected to stay until 2am.

    We have cleared 6/6 Normal Modes, 2/6HM
    Some of our previous accomplishments include: Yogg 0, Algalon, Tribute to Insanity, LK Heroic, Neferian(US 9th), Alakir (US 9th), Sinestra (US 40th), Magmaw (US 8th), Ragnaros, Deathwing. Again all of these kills were Realm Firsts.

    Applicants should
    *REQUIRED: Provide WOL/WMO logs to detail their skills and abilities
    *Be self-sufficient and come to raids prepared
    *Have optimal gems and enchants
    *Have up-to-date Talents and Glyphs and be able to adjust for each fight accordingly
    *Use Ventrilo and a microphone
    *Have a stable internet connection
    *Plan on having near-to or perfect attendance

    About Sovereign:
    Sovereign is a 10 man Guild, our main goal being a top Ten man US guild. We are comprised of players from previous top ten US Guilds who have grown old of having to carry people on a weekly basis.

    Boss/Achievement History
    For previous kills, see Eye for an Eye, Licious Only, and Exordium.

    Contact Information
    If you are interested in joining, message Twomoonz, Grade or Vadin in-game. Thanks for your time.
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