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    [A] Nautilus 10m US-Frostmourne Recruiting Raiders (Wed/Thurs/Mon 23.00-3.30)

    Nautilus is recruiting!
    We are a semi hardcore late(ish) raiding guild that started at the beginning of Mist of Pandaria with the aim of tackling heroic end game contents. We are currently looking for folks with similar mindset to join in for our Core raiding team to start our 10m progression, successful applicants should demonstrate maturity, know their class/role well and a passion for progressions; Being socialable and a sense of humour is always a plus! :P

    Currently recruiting:
    Tanks of any class
    Shadow Priest


    Raid days:

    Raid times:
    23:00-3:00 Server Time
    22:00-2:00 GMT+10 (AEST)
    20:00-12:00 GMT+8
    May change to earlier if queue time drops

    Loot Rules: Loot council with Epgp support

    Some of the things we expect from all members
    • We are always looking for exceptional players
    • Mature Players with a nice attitude
    • Active when it comes to raid attendance
    • High-end PvE Experience
    • Being available during the raid period
    • Must be able to use Skype
    • Put the guild first before personal achievement
    • You will need to have good knowledge of your class. Your talents, glyphs, gear choice and gemming should be of optimal performance for your character whilst raiding
    • Come Prepared
    • Dedication in obtaining non-raid upgrades (Valor/Justice Items, heroic instances, Professions, etc.).
    • Specific encounters may require your class to be on standby

    If that sounds like you or people that you would like to work with, drops us an app!! :P
    To apply : http://mmoing.freeforums.org/
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    up you go bump!

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