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    [H] Nagrand - 10m - previous 8/8HM

    Hey everyone,

    Reprieve is currently recruiting, primarily, ranged DPS for their two raid groups!.. we are still interested in melee, but ranged will get priority

    Raid times are;
    Wednesday – 8:00pm till 11:00pm
    Thursday – 8:00pm till 11:00pm
    Sunday – 8:00pm till 11:00pm

    What we want in a raider;
    • The successful applicant will have most, if not all of the current enchants
    • The successful applicant will have most, if not all of the highest grade gems appropriate for their class and spec
    • The successful applicant will be able to make the above mentioned raid times and keep up a 90% attendance record – however, if prior notice has been given, this rule can be flexible as we all do have social lives, family, partners & etc outside of WoW!
    • The successful applicant will also be well read on their class and spec!
    • The successful applicant will also have ventrillo and a working headset with push-to-take setup

    • Having any previous WoL top 50 rankings will greatly increase your chances
    • Having achieved Rival or above PvP ranking in any season will greatly increase your chances
    • Two non-gathering professions which grant superior PvE gains, e.g. JC & BS / Engi & JC / Ench & Tailor

    If accepted
    • You will be inducted into our raid groups straight away
    • Once you pass your trial you will gain privilege to;
    o Free repairs
    o Free enchants
    o Free flasks
    o Free feats

    Guild atmosphere
    We are all pretty laid back and very helpful. We are a fun community of mature aged players and play WoW for what it is… a game. We are a mixed gender guild and know what is and is not appropriate to say in guild chat.

    If you would like to know any more information about Reprieve, please contact one of the following players;
    • Miffie
    • Gelini
    • Taryen
    • Idospells

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    I'll contact one of you after work.

    I'd prefer my orcs to stand up straight.

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