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    [A]Honorable Mention recruiting MoP(Casual)

    Based on Khaz Goroth, Honorable Mention was newly formed by a close group of friends. We are building up a solid 10man raid team so we can focus on MoP raiding with hardmodes. We pride ourselves on being a mature age guild that is very social and committed to clearing current content as soon as possible.
    Our raid times are either 1- 2 days a week on either/ or both:

    Wednesday: 7.30 - 10.30pm Server Time
    Thursday: 7.30 - 10.30pm Server Time

    Currently in Need of the following for back up / social raiders that can fill spots when needed ( which is often ):
    1x Hunter
    1x Priest Heals/DPS

    We are looking for any class if you believe you are a capable player and have a great attitude

    Please feel free to contact either Alandara or Foosë ingame for more information, leave us a post here or visit our website honorablementi0n.enjin.com/home
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    BUMP, still looking

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