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    Announced Rep changes not in 5.1 ??

    If I am correct it was announced that rep-gain will be quicker once revered is achieved and alts will gain rep 2x as fast.
    This change would be implemented in a "future patch".

    I know it wasn't announced for 5.1 but still I was expecting it.
    Anyone knows something about it? has there been news?
    Is it already implemented and I missed it completely?
    Is it still for a "future patch"?

    EDIT after 1st reaction: Pls don't see this as complaining, I just want to know if any information is available.
    (I don't browse too on sites, besides mmo-c)
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    5.1 just hit the PTR, and the changes are everything but final.
    There will be a time to complain about things that are not in 5.1.
    But not on the day after a patch hits the PTR.

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    I am not complaining at all!
    I am asking if I missed something in the notes or so?
    I was reading the art. and didn't see anything mentioned about it.

    So this is not a complain just seeking answers from people who might know more... as I don't browse to other sites besided mmo for information.

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    No information available apart from....

    "Features mentioned in the 5.1 Patch Preview may not initially be available on the PTR"


    "Keep in mind this is only a taste of what’s to come, and that there’s even more in store."

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    Rep changes will probably go in when I'm done grinding rep.

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    Indeed. Note that MMO-C has datamined maps for scenarios that weren't mentioned in the official PTR notes, for example - therefore there's definitely more here than they've let on about so far.
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