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    Disc/holy priest (2/6N) looking for a guild

    Fully Heroic geared with some epics looking for a new guild to raid with. Preferably a 10m. My schedule has changed so im forced to raid on the later times. Im on turalyon but can transfer for the right guild. Im a good healer and player, very situational awareness. The raid times that would be ideal for me are guilds that would be starting raids at 10 pm est or later. The number of days of raiding does not matter. Thank you look forward to raiding with some of you!

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    id like to have a chat with you my battle tag is Kradrepins#1488

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    <Dracarys> 10man currently resides on Bleeding Hollow and is open to raiding at 10:00PM EST. We currently have an open core spot for a disc healer. Please let us know if this would work for you and check us out at: Dracarys.Enjin.com


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    Hey Wolfley,

    <Shady Shenanigans> is currently recruiting for exceptional players for our late night 25man team - and we'd like to add a skilled priest healer to our late night roster! I know you prefer 10mans and raids starting after 10pm - This is just in case you're still open to 25man and a much later start time (our 25man starts at 1am EST)

    We are a well-established late night raiding guild on its permanent home on Gul'dan (US-CST, Chicago datacenter) with the goal to be Top 200 US and server first in every raiding tier in MoP - we are interested in like-minded raiders. Depending on if the times work for you and how serious you are about progression raiding, we should speak further. Below are our raiding teams with days/times.

    Team Gangnam Style - 25man:
    Late-night raiding - 12am-2:30am CST (10pm-12:30am PST, 1am-3:30am EST)
    Days - Tues/Wed/Thurs.

    We also have alt runs on weekends that are set up based on a first-come, first-served basis. We also welcome socials to join the guild and one of our goals is to have a community feel amidst a serious raiding atmosphere.

    If you'd like to know more, please contact me or one of the officers on real ID and check our the links to our website and main recruitment post below.

    Battletag: Punjabimc#1908
    Real id for Guild Master (Pnutbutter): shadyshen(at)yahoo.com

    Good luck on finding a guild right for you!
    Punjabimc on Gul'dan

    Links in regards to our Guild!
    Website: shadyshenanigans.enjin.com
    Full Recruitment Post: mmo-champion.com/threads/1156714-lt-Shady-Shenanigans-gt-Gul-dan-(US)-recruiting-for-MoP-Raiding!

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    <MiGHT> @ Stormreaver is recruting a healer for our core 10 man, and our raid times match yours perfectly. Please hit me up in game via battle tag - Kjotvi#1629 is my battle tag.

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    Margaritaville (4/6) is a group of hardcore-minded players raiding on a casual schedule. We raid Thursdays and Mondays from 8-11:30 PM Pacific on US-Ner'zhul. We may only raid twice a week, but when we get in to raid we take a very serious approach and get things done. Our goal for this tier is to clear 16/16 H, never straying too far behind the progression curve, while maintaining our lighter schedule.

    If you're interested in serious progression on a lighter schedule please apply at:
    margaritaville dot wowstead dot com

    Battle Tag: Loonpok#1835
    Google Talk & Email: nslooney at gmail dot com
    AIM: iloondogi

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