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    Heroic Gara'jal - HoTW on Pull question (as a healer)

    Is it better to use an agi potion + feral staff or does the amount of agility gained go off of your intellect?

    I've only used my normal healing gear + an agility potion. Trying to see if anyone knows for sure which is more DPS.

    Thanks in advance for any responses.

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    My guild attempted this last week and I was seeing great numbers as a cat with agi staff, but since the nerf (and for our kill this week) I have had much more success using spells and an intel pot, its still less damage than last week. Others may have experienced something different but I found the gap significant enough not to bother with kitty anymore.
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    Doesn't matter if you use agi or int pot if you go cat form - you'll get the int as agi anyway.
    The staff doesn't really matter, the one with the most dps is the best one. Remember to make a weapon swap macro/keybind.
    Also, if you have Qin'xi's trinket (or any int-proc one) use lifebloom on yourself before the pull to force the proc for more int(agi).

    I have not tried to spellcast yet, will probably do next week.

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    Don't bother with kitty anymore. I'm seeing a 2 million loss in damage compared to what I was doing before the nerf and Wrath / MF spam is doing more now.

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