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    The words of the militant abortion types should explain things pretty clearly. To a militant abortionist, the decision to CHOOSE to not have an abortion can only be the result of either indoctrination, or stupidity, or immorality. It is not possible - in their minds - for principled individuals to make a rational decision that disagrees with them. All must bow at the Altar or Abortion. Anyone who does not is "anti-woman", wants to "take away choice", or "don't want women to control their own body..." Yadda yadda yadda. It is the typical attitude of a committed, irrational, ideologue. So much for the famed subtlety and 'nuance' of the so-called progressives, eh wot?
    yeah, allowing everyone to decide their own position is soooo extreme.

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    This thread has reached it's end. Forty-three pages of discussion is quite enough, and now people are bickering anew. We've allowed this thread when it was pretty borderline anyway, thank you to everyone who raised the level of maturity and civility on our forum.


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