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    don't ask people if they know

    tell them anyway

    and then call them stupid when they fail, that's how the game works.
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    Maybe bots, but i don't understand why we actually should ask if they know tacts i mean all bosses are described in the manual..

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    Thankfully so far, every time I enter a dungeon, someone will say that they haven't done it.
    I've tanked every dungeon so far, so when it's something new to me I'll tell them.
    Luckily enough, there is always someone who will give the basics. e.g. Unaggroable, adds coming from somewhere, main damage mechanic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lebowski View Post
    I just expect people to fail, and then do everything in my power to kill the boss anyways.

    Until we wipe and I start to RAAAAAGGGGEEEEEEEE.
    For Herod and the third boss in SoNT ill give short explanations respectively "tanking up here, follow me when he starts spinning" and "throw the acorns at the boss" other than that this^ healer locked himself out of the cloudstrike fight so we killed him without heals then the next day I went back and solo'd him
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    “Oh, do a daily? Just do a daily? Why don’t I strap on my daily helmet and squeeze down into a daily cannon and fire off into daily land, where quests grow on little dailies?!”

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