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    Exclamation What makes the majority correct?

    Why is it considered that the majority party is always correct? Just because there is more of them does not make them anymore right. If you look back through history it is usually the people that stand alone against majority that are responsible for our greatest achievements.

    In my personal opinion rule of majority vote is the exact same and caving to peer pressure.

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    I don't know where you got the idea that the majority is always correct.

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    The majority is not always right. That's why democracy sucks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spectral View Post
    I don't know where you got the idea that the majority is always correct.
    Like I said it is widely considered majority is correct. Look at most of the political systems of the world.

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    majority rule is to keep the largest group content, nothing more really

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    Except, we are human. You can not expect me to die, or live and serve a society where i do not have a say in it. It has been recipe for destruction of empires throughout history.
    People who stand alone against majority and do great deeds are exceptional, not a rule. These people will do great things whether they are in the majority or not. People are average in overall. So, majority rules.

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    The easy answer is Wisdom of the Crowds theory. Expertise is more likely to be distributed than concentrated. The more people you get together, the more likely you are to incorporate those with a particular set of skills, and the more likely the good answer will "average out".

    A more sophisticated answer is based on the principle "the most good for the most people". If people are assumed to be reasonably good at determining their self-interest, and pursue that self-interest, then the aggregate decisions of the collective generate a collective good. This collective good is superior to the one that would be generated by minority rule due to the greater number of people for whom that good is best. This theory also underlies the liberal economic regime.

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    The only reason the majority is right is to create a form of government in which the majority of the people will ostensibly be happy as they are getting something like what they want such that the government can be perpetual instead of revolted against whenever the majority doesn't like something.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GreatOak View Post
    The majority is not always right. That's why democracy sucks.
    Democracy is neither terrible or great. A benevolent dictatorship can do great things far more than a democracy, but an disfunctional dictatorship can ruin an empire in a night's time. Democracy's burecratic system prevents exceptional good from happening, while also keeping exceptional bad from happening.

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    The majority can be quite corrupt. We see this in California, for example, when the majority votes for laws through the Proposition system and passes things that shouldn't be passed--like bills we can't pay for, or banning gay marriage.

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    Here's why:

    Say you have a multiple choice question with 4 answers. A is right, B C and D are wrong. While those who have no clue will divide randomly among B C and D, those who are right will all go to A (along with a few who didn't know but got lucky). Statistically speaking, if you take a large enough sample of people and ask them literally any question, the average of the group answer will be spot on. This is why "Ask the Audience" on Who Wants to be a Millionaire? is by far the most successful lifeline.

    edit: For things that don't have black-and-white answers like politics, this doesn't always work. It mostly just works with things that have 100% definitive answers.

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    Obama supports his healthcare plan, majority of Americans don't support it.This seems to violate you're statement.

    Here's you're problem, politics is all about getting people to like you. if you agree with a individual you've never meet, then you tend to like them.

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    This actually has grand implications for wow design when you think about it. If blizzard listens to the majority of wow players to make game design decisions and majority knowledge or wisdom is a fallacy then they could be making the wrong decisions.

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    Don't think anyone considers majority always being correct.. But that's the way democracy works, to please most of the people.

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    The majority defines what is right and what is wrong, unfortunately!

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    The majority isn't always right. That's one reason the United States has 3 branches of government and senators used to be chosen by state legislatures.

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    Who decides what is right and what is wrong? Right and wrong is a uniquely human concept, which is entirely defined by what the majority deems is correct/acceptable. The whole premise was created by the majority due to the fact that we as humans generally justify ourselves by finding people with aligning views and opinions.

    It may not be a perfect system in some contexts, however it is the best one we have.

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    The majority isn't always right, which is why we have the supreme court, made up of 9 of the 300million+ people in the united states

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    The majority isn't always correct. When the majority wins it means that some people think that A is A, but some people don't have a good opinion on what's happening around them so they just follow the thinking of A is A, when actually A is B. I hope that example made sense. xD
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    The majority decides to do what it thinks it's best. It doesn't mean that they necessarily make the best (or correct) decisions, but the decisions they make keep them happy and that is what a democraticaly elected government is all about.

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