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    Quote Originally Posted by AusSpyder View Post
    First of all, the quests, while numerous, were unoriginal and uninspired. The overwhelming majority of them followed the same format Blizzard have used since Vanilla. Kill X of something, collect X of something, pick up poo, do the safari, etc.
    What other kind of quests are there? In any MMO? That's right, it's all there actually is.

    Quote Originally Posted by AusSpyder View Post

    I don't pvp, so I won't offer any comments on it, however I haven't heard anything new and exciting. Seems to be people just complaining about the flavor of the month dominating. Nothing new here
    Just like every other MMO, again.

    Quote Originally Posted by AusSpyder View Post
    Dungeons are completely irrelevant after you hit ilvl 460. You don't grind them for valor, Justice is completely worthless and you get 0 rep from them. The time investment isn't even remotely worth the amount of gold you get.
    Read the earlier comments.

    Quote Originally Posted by AusSpyder View Post
    Scenarios are even worse, because not only do they offer no benefits like dungeons, but they only have a 10% or whatever chance of you even getting a reward.
    They offer you half the valors of heroic dungeons. That means scenarios are actually way better way for a DPS class to cap valors. Not to mention they are actually pretty fun, I'm assuming you haven't even tried them more than maybe arena of annihilation for weapon.

    Quote Originally Posted by AusSpyder View Post
    Dailys are so long, so boring, and give so little. Definitely not the worst grind I've gone through *cough* insane *cough*, but for borderline mandatory content it's excessive and there's only one option to do it. If I could grind rep in dungeons with friends I would. Once they're all done we're not going to do them again, but we will prob be given another 2 hours of borderline mandatory dailys in a future patch
    Not mandatory at all, no. Long? No. Boring they are though, after doing them few weeks every day. You would grind rep in dungeons? Seriously? Do you even remember how bloody boring it was to run those shitty heroics again, again, again and AGAIN?

    Quote Originally Posted by AusSpyder View Post
    Pet battles are new, but just like the game it's based on it's far more affective to just steamroll the npc's. Pet battle's in PVP is simply a case of queue up, wait 10 minutes and then your opponent forfeits unless he has a huge type/level advantage to your pets. Neither of these things are very fun or exciting
    Yea, cause you're forced to sit and wait that 10min que. You can't go out and level up your pets against the NPC's while queued.

    Quote Originally Posted by AusSpyder View Post
    Farming is mildly interesting but extremely limited and repetitive. First couple day's its kinda cool, then you just do the same thing every day
    Whooaa, a game with repetitive grinding? That can't be!

    Quote Originally Posted by AusSpyder View Post
    So now at level 90 with 460+ ilvl. gear i'm finding myself bored out of my mind. What do I do after my long arse 2 hour dailys grind? Do I level an alt through the million new quests that give no XP while all the other insanely bored 90's fly overhead pouncing on everyone while they wait for their queues to pop? Do I queue for dungeons/scenarios I don't need? Do I queue for pet battles hoping someone will stay long enough for me to get a win?
    Do PvP? Raid? Do those pet battles? Hell, go outside of the house!

    Quote Originally Posted by AusSpyder View Post
    The only new activity I would do more of would be farming but I'm locked out for a day and alts can't get any rep from it
    Yea, I guess Blizzard is trying to give you a hint there. GO OUTSIDE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aurora View Post
    [*]Quest zones less memorable or distinctive than the likes of Vash or Uldum from cata, particularly dread wastes and krasarang.
    This is really subjective, I think that Jade Forest and Kun-Lai Summit are two of the top 10 WoW questing zones easily.
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    Glad other people enjoy it but for me its a huge pile of shit Tried it, and after a day or two i was straight back to the can't even be fucked logging into this rubbish.
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