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    Fervor Vs Dire Beast Vs TotH for BM

    After noticing almost every bm hunter choose dire beast I was wondering why it is most preferred over the extra focus of fervor and toth. I've been searching around for the info but haven't come across why it's so much better.

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    Dire Beast offers the biggest dps increase from that talent tier due to the Beast Mastery mastery. The summoned pet deals damage and that damage increases based on your mastery. Simples

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    I've got a question concerning Dire Beast. I've read about lot of haste thresholds, allowing your beast to attack more in the 15sec it is up.
    but i just did a very simple test: attack raidboss dummy, get 5 stacks of frenzy for pet. pop Focus Fire and Rapid fire. be happy about nearly 1sec Cobras, and trigger Dire beast. this granted me 8 normal attacks (no miss/dodge/glancing). thats the same amount, that I get without FF+RF. Does dire beast not scale from haste at all, or only from gear? I've also read threads, advising you to use DireBeast in the starting rotation after RF, but this seems to wrong info then.
    It does seem to profit from BW though (6k hits without, 7.2k with, makes exactly 20% more, which would make sense)

    I've also tried TotH for BM. you would think it's not that powerfull, as 1/6 of the time (when BW is up) the talent is kind of useless. but nonetheless, the dps was very similar to some dummytests with DB. (just gives a general idea, not claiming this is a proof). the reason was: quite a lot of arcane shots more => more cobrastrikes => noticably more criticals on Bite/Claw etc. and it "allows" you to go into BW without full focus, thanks to it's great proccchance. (of course there's no guarantee but it's quite likely to happen). More free arcanes are also more time to move, which i really like. and TotH is more versatile. It also gives you a noticable dmgboost in AoE situations over DB.

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    focus fire and rapid fire grant ranged attack speed. Dire beast scales on the haste rating stat.

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