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    My preferred methods to learn another language:

    - Movies with subtitles on.
    - Radio (especially commercials are perfect, since they are simple and repeated over the day).
    - Learning Software.
    - Your friends and your colleagues at work.

    Furthermore, learn the sentence "Sorry,my ... is not good, do you speak English?" in your language of choice by heart! If the other one doesn't speak English, at least they get that it is really tough for you to speak their language and most probably slow down (even the French do that, at least sometimes).

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    I think you're missing the moral of the story... Was that girl hot? If so, you better get on that ~.^

    But yeah, listening can be the hardest part of learning a language. Since it requires you to be fluent. When you speak you construct and remember and conjugate what you want to say. But when listening you instantly have to understand what they are saying.

    One is truly fluent in a language, if you can think in it.

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    As a Dane myself, I'd honestly go see if you can find some older Danish movies - someone mentioned Olsen Banden, which would be a really good choice. "Far til Fire" (they original ones from waaaay ago) would also be a very good choice. In movies from around those years, the actors would have a tendency to really pronounce words way more than need be, and as such, they might be a great tool for learning to pick up Danish sentences. Movies from this time are almost always without too much dialect as well.

    Best of luck with your continued learning, and I hope you'll end up enjoying all your time in Denmark

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cattaclysmic View Post
    Funny because Rigsdansk is the real danish and it is closest to the one spoken in the Capital...
    Nonsense. What they speak in the capital has nothing to do with danish. It's some form of swedish snob-dialect for people who think too highly of themselves.

    On topic: This explains your predicament perfectly:

    Quote Originally Posted by Drathos View Post
    Yeah. Biggest problem with danish is that danes speak way too quickly for somebody who isn't very good at the language to understand it, and like 25% of the letters are officially silent, 25% just aren't pronounced because it would take too long, and the rest is mostly mumbled.
    The only solution is to keep telling people to speak slowly and clearly, and explain that you are still learning. They will understand - unfortunately some people will still speak too fast and incoherently.
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    If you're located around the copenhagen area, I'dd be happy to try and teach you some things. Also, my girlfriend is studying to become a Danish-teacher - some good input I'm sure. I wouldn't charge you anything, well, maybe a beer or 10.. Contact if interested. - Going home to see my parents today, wont be back until next week; incase you DO text me and I dont respond.
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