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    H Critical Mass Blade's Edge Recruiting

    Critical Mass is a 10 man raiding guild, horde side on the EU realm Blade's Edge.

    We would like to strengthen our roster with:

    All exceptional applications will be considered





    We are a mature (18+) and stable guild focused on progressive raiding. We aim to lead efficient, focused raids and to progress through the hardest content the game has to offer. We want progression by people working together, learning tactics and sharing thoughts with others through discussions. We strive to maintain a community of players who want to see what the game has to offer. People who are mature enough to accept constructive criticism and who have a sense of humor. We aim to do all of this whilst keeping the guild a friendly and social place, so people can have fun and enjoy the game they pay a subscription for rather than it feel like a second job.


    This is a guild which has a hierarchical structure. The decisions of the GM and officers shall be final, although input from the guild members is appreciated. As the guild grows and moves forward stability is paramount. We insist on all members being 18+ and mature. If a member has a personal problem with another member it should be resolved privately. If a member has concerns over a guild issue, please feel free to discuss it with any officer or the GM privately via whisper or the separate voice-coms channel. It is not appropriate to air discontent (against whomever) across guild chat, the general voice-coms channel, or the forums. Any member who ignores this and attempts to "rock the boat" or is not sufficiently mature to understand this rule will be removed from the guild, without warning, on the first offense.

    The concept of conduct also extends beyond the confines of the guild. Over the years we have built an excellent reputation on our server, but that reputation could quickly be tarnished if a few members behave badly. Anyone who thinks it acceptable to ninja, deceive or gratuitously abuse others whilst wearing this guilds tag, or by any other conduct harm or potentially harm the good name of the guild, will likewise be removed.

    We expect our members to be fully committed to this guild, its progress and success, and their guild mates. We will not entertain applications from alts, nor any conflict of interest or conflict of loyalty from members with alts or friends in other guilds.

    Our members are the most important part of the guild and all of our decisions will be focused on what is best for our members; however no person or group of people is more important than the guild.

    Basic Requirements

    - We want people who are able to meet the challenges of heroic content.

    - Players who can react quickly in a raid environment and not repeat mistakes.

    - You want to progress, and attend at least 2 raids per week, not just Wednesday.

    - TeamSpeak and all required raiding addons, such as DBM/Big Wigs, Omen.

    - Real life – We feel we can progress while maintaining a decent life outside of the game.

    - No Drama – We want to play with mature people, not drama queens.

    - Staying until raid end – We understand that sometimes people have to go, but we expect that in most cases every raid member is able to stay until the end of the raid.


    Current Tier Raids will be scheduled for Wednesdays, Sundays, Mondays, and a possible extra day when pushing for progression 20:30 to 00:00 server time. All members of trial rank and above are expected and assumed to be available for these raids, be online and ready in good time, and be available until raid end. If a member cannot make a scheduled raid due to RL commitments, an absence must be posted in advance on the guild forums. Whilst the officers and raid leaders will be fully familiar with the fights and mechanics, anyone wishing to progress in end game content is expected to research and familiarize themselves with upcoming fights with relevant online guides. The guild website should also be used as a tool for sharing tactics, both within teams and the guild. The guild provides feasts and cauldrons for raids (see section on Guild Bank) but you are expected to be prepared with sufficient relevant pots and a modest amount of personal food in case of a single death. Repairs are not covered by the guild bank.


    Our guild also takes a big interest in the PvP aspect of the game, while PvE will always be our main focus we try and organize a few RBG’s per week.

    Rated Battleground nights are held on Thursdays and Fridays, Thursday is subject to whether or not we will raid.

    If you're interested and like what you read then don't hesitate to apply at or to contact Noaki (BattleTag: DannyMeehan#2467) in game
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