View Poll Results: What's the first thing you did in MoP?

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  • I levelled my 85 toon to 90, mainly through quests.

    107 70.86%
  • I levelled my 85 toon to 90, mainly through pvp.

    2 1.32%
  • I levelled my 85 toon to 90, mainly through dungeons.

    3 1.99%
  • I levelled my 85 toon to 90, mainly through professions.

    0 0%
  • I created a level 1 pandaren and levelled with that character.

    20 13.25%
  • I created a level 1 non-pandaren and levelled with that character.

    7 4.64%
  • I got straight into pet battles.

    12 7.95%
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    Hit questing on my main like most other people.

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    I did Pet Battles because I just wanted to see what it was about - curiosity I figured I'd spend 5-10 minutes on it, and then start the questing/leveing. Well, unexpectedly, it immediately got me addicted....and 2 days later, I was still at lvl I finally had to pry myself away to go check out Pandaria.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gandrake View Post
    I leveled to 90 in 26 hours

    i had to take a nap at 24 because I was so tired i couldn't be arsed to find my quest breadcrumbs, i felt like i was dying irl afterwards and went back to sleep. Then I did some farmville and made bank on cooking mats.
    Thats because you were. You'd be shocked how quickly damage can be done due to sleep deprivation, especially in over weight and out of shape indivuduals (not saying that you are). And couple that with sitting down for pretty much the entirety of the time.
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    Hiding in your computer.
    logg in lol
    Ayy, it's me dude, the one and only.

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    The Lightbringer vian's Avatar
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    Pet Battles, it's the new raiding.
    Quote Originally Posted by bizzy View Post
    yeh but lava is just very hot water

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    Honestly, aside from looking at my classes talents and deciding who to main, first thing I did was Pet Battles...

    Because there were Stormwind Rats everywhere! By the time I got to Pandaria, I had killed a few rats :P

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    Leveled to 90 through dungeons, quests, professions and pvp....did pet battles

    So, erm....all of the options above, except the "created a level 1" stuff?

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    been playing my pandaren monk since it came out lvl 73 now and going im going pretty fast i would say haveing 3 kids is not easy lol.

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    Created a pandaren monk and leveled it from 1 - 90 (entirely through quests). Hit 85 about 36 hours after the expansion released because I took a couple vacation days (I had nothing else to use them on, and they expire at the end of the year), but slowed down considerably after that because I had to return to work , took me another two or three days to hit 90 (3 days and a handful of hours /played total).
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    No option for "RAF'd a Monk to 80 and then leveled to 90"?

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    Trained professions heh. then went and leveled my main through quests. love questing. oh i did take some time to do some pet battles on the way but that hardly counts.

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    Made cash all the way to 90, then some more cash after that.

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    Logged in each of my 85s for them to start gaining rested XP

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    Quote Originally Posted by ironik View Post
    Let's see, I started 2 pandaren monks, a pandaren rogue and priest, as well as let my A.D.D. take over on my now lvl 88 main(questing, dungeons, farming, battle pets, mining, skinning, etc.) oh and froze xp on my 85 DK to farm JP for heirlooms in addition to lvling his alchemy. I would be further along, but I don't play that much, maybe 3-4 hours a day. Having a blast though!
    This is pretty close to what I've done. I started with my priest but I've been all over the map since that first night.

    My priest is level 89, my DK 87 and I just brought my druid over to pandaria last night. On top of that I've tried some pet battles and have started 2 pandas (1 monk and 1 rogue). Also have worked on my professions. Probably wasted a few hours just traveling around on top of all that. Need to check out the BMAH and finally get someone to 90 so I can crack into some random heroics, raid finder and scenarios, plus I haven't tried any random BGs either or spent nearly enough time in pet battles (plus reps to grind). So much to do but I'm having fun.

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    The FIRST thing I did was try out pet battles. Right after that I leveled my druid to 90 and now I'm working on getting my DK there.

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    Wanted to quest but it was impossible the first two hours, just toooo laggy. So I did some dungeons and hit questing afterwards.

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    I went straight into pet battles while waiting to get my copy. When I received it, I leveled two characters to 90, alternating between them depending on if my boyfriend was home and wanted to level or not.

    Upon hitting 90 with my first character, I was already geared for heroics and scenarios, because I mostly quested. I queued specific for Arena of Annihilation scenario for the guaranteed free 450 ilvl weapon, and then started doing some heroics.

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    None. Got realm first 600 inscription and herbalist on my rogue, helped a friend get first 600 alchemist with the spare herbs then went to sleep. Been casually playing my monk ever since.

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    If you want to know the "very" first thing i did in MoP, was run the 2 feet into Grommash hold and start the cinematic.

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    non of the above =p

    the first thing i did was HS to SW and finish leveling the professions on my priest that had only just hit 85 a few days before so that they were ready to go as soon as i picked up cloth in pandaland!

    after i'd done that I started leveling him to 90 before seroiusly starting my monk

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