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    I haven't actually played around with HotW much in raids yet, but i'm going to guess that swapping from physical to magic (or vice versa) is a bigger gain. so a resto (int/caster) druid sees more dps from HotW going to an agility based feral dps. and the bear going to caster form. probably something to do with how the agi/int gets converted to the opposite stat. could be wrong though.
    Sounds plausible since I've tried HoTW with lust on Lillian Voss in Scholomance (no pot though) and I pulled around 50 to 60k dps from what I remember by spamming Wrath and Moonfire. This is more than double of that.

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    It's because Sejta has a mad amount of crit (he's gemming/reforging into crit to gain more rage) when critting with wrath from HotW it does upwards of 300k dmg per hit.

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    Falling skies theme heeeeeelya

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    Just to clarify for non-druids:

    Sejta does gem alot of crit, but its also great for his own survival (More rage).

    Yes HOTW is to be nerfed, and yes its very good. I pulled 90k DPS on dummy with spellcaster weapon switch as feral + pot (No buffes or two-hand staff, so could be even better + I have no speciel gear). HOTW is great for that boss sure.
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