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    next patch is starting to look really interesting!
    Quote Originally Posted by Mormolyce View Post
    [The contents of this post can be unlocked in random loot boxes available from your local ISP. We want to provide readers with a feeling of pride and accomplishment when they read it.]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Venziir View Post
    My brain exploded.... Is... Is Lor'themar busy being awesome!? Fuck yeah he is!
    I can't believe they're actually making him cool again. Storming Dalaran is a notch on his impressive feats list at least.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ragnarocket View Post
    He's either still meditating at the Maelstrom or helping flowers grow somewhere. I think if we see Thrall at all in this patch it'll be tied in with the Jaina storyline. Someone's gonna have to calm her down again it sounds like...hopefully Kalec can handle that though.
    They stated he'd be in 5.1, doing some "Horde only stuff".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaelsino View Post
    I can't believe they're actually making him cool again. Storming Dalaran is a notch on his impressive feats list at least.
    This whole insurrection thing... Yowza I did not see that coming!

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    I can't believe they're actually making him cool again. Storming Dalaran is a notch on his impressive feats list at least.
    Well. Seems now I have the motivation to level my belf mage to 90. Glory to the Sin'dorei!

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    ...It's the Springer Patch. I just love all this drama. It finally feels like the story is moving along. And holy crap Lor'themar doing shit. What. What, WHAT. That... doesn't that violate some kind of law? Like... that will divide by zero and end the universe?
    I have eaten all the popcorn, I left none for anyone else.

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    20 bucks ainduin isn't dead
    Quote Originally Posted by adam86shadow View Post
    I hear people say bring War back to World of Warcraft, well how about bringing World back to World of Warcraft

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    Well... Bob is lobbing Alliance and Garroshs Horde in one pot, so the 'Old Alliances' will probably not be about either of them.

    Maybe Naga, maybe the Illidari...

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    OMG I only just listened to the Lor'themar VA ... WOW .. I'm completely and 100% satisfied with how Blizzard has made the Blood Elves Hate Garrosh.

    As much as I prefer alliance, Blood Elves has always been a fucking awesome race, SO KEEN to see what they do with Lor'themar and the Blood Elves!

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    Its gonna be a full blown civil war in the horde god this shit is getting so exciting

    This is what the game has needed for so long

    Also if any of you non-orc traitors wish to go against us bring it on bitches lol

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    If Jaina was speaking to Varian because he said Garrosh killed his son, then he did. Garrosh isn't exactly going to go "Oh, hey! We might have killed your son, so here's no proof!" Oh no, he'd throw it in his face. But if it was two files together, then I don't know. It's not like I care, he's the mini human version of Thrall... nothing like his father.

    It sure is a good way to make the alliance pissed off, obviously, and to also make the horde question Garrosh, as some already do. I know I wouldn't want to mess with the Kirin Tor, the people who choose not to fight somehow are always the most badass.

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    When Lor'themar says he's reconsidering old alliances, given that he just battled and badmouthed the Silver Covenant and Alliance, makes me think he's probably not referring to high elves and the Alliance.

    My guess is that he's talking about the Forsaken. They're the blood elves' oldest standing ally, and recently Lor'themar has been at odds with Sylvanas and even siding with Garrosh against her on issues (as seen in Tides of War), so he might be considering joining forces with them again.

    Or maybe the naga? Hmm.

    Now with a couple suggestions that Lor'themar has what it takes to be Warchief, along with Vol'jin and Baine, it sorta feels like Blizzard is probably going to be playing up the drama there. Who will it be? Find out next time on As the World of Warcraft Turns!

    Also, is it just me, or is Aethas sounding a bit amateur? Maybe just a placeholder?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Runecapeman
    I try not to post anywhere anymore, due to fear of being infracted. Feels like there are too many mods that aren't screened well enough. "Dirty cops" if you will.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valleera View Post
    Well... Bob is lobbing Alliance and Garroshs Horde in one pot, so the 'Old Alliances' will probably not be about either of them.

    Maybe Naga, maybe the Illidari...
    It is unfortunate that game restrictions wouldn't allow something so awesome to happen. It would be pretty awesome to see him take the BE's to Outland and start some trouble, but that would remove a 'home' for all the player characters who wouldn't have the choice to join him.

    This MMO would be revolutionary if players could complete quests to break away from their faction and do something wacky like that. Maybe we are approaching something awesome like a defector third faction that members of the horde and alliance can go to. That would be too cool.

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    set up for 3rd faction, PLUS faction "traitors"?
    i think so!

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    I'm still waiting for some money to come in to buy MoP, level a monk and see the new lore that came with MoP and seeing these 5.1 lore spoiler threads has me all the more excited about returning to the game. I have always loved WoW's lore, both in game and in the books.

    Just awesome, is all I can say.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ridesdel View Post
    set up for 3rd faction, PLUS faction "traitors"?
    i think so!
    Never happen

    all they are doing is making the horde want to kill garrosh in the end hes pissed off the trolls, hes pissed of the tauren, hes pissed of the forsaken now hes pissed off the belfs

    all he needs now is to piss of the goblins and to do something absolutely horrific to piss off the orcs who atm the majority are with him

    I havent seen this amount of interfaction hatred in ages it really has shaken up the game

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    Stuff are getting really interesting! Can't wait for what Sylvanas has in mind for us on 5.1...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vice80 View Post
    "I may reconsider old alliances" OH GODS no please don't. We have gnomes. Enough.
    I was thinking naga or the legion more than the alliance. Not that that will go far seeing as how it's a player race.

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    I'm wondering for now if Gallywix is going to be an ally of Garrosh until the end and be a boss, with Mida taking over as Goblin Faction leader (no one likes Gallywix, not in the game, and Mida is already a larger than normal goblins (like most Racial Leaders). Glad to see Lor'themar do something, love it and his actions.

    Although it was half expected that the Kirin Tor would become Alliance orientated, I wasn't expecting Aethas and the Sunreaver's to get booted out of Dalaran. Ah well, bring on the Fight!

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