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    shadow dps help

    World of Logs:

    He currently still has some healing gear as part of his dps gear for now. He is working on that. I don't really know anything about spriests. Any tips on how to improve his dps would be greatly appreciated!

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    Gara is probably the worst fight to check the log (unless it was him who logged it) as it has the two realms.

    His uptime on the dots, specially VT, is pretty low (91% and 83%), so he could try keeping them up more often.
    It is really weird to see Mind Spike as his top damage skill, not sure what happened.
    And lastly, he didn't use Halo once.

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    First thing that pops out to me is his uptime on Shadow Word: Pain and Vampiric Touch.
    Have him replace the Blue gem on his Helm and Chest with Energized Wild Jade each, and put a Reckless Vermilion Onyx on his Shoulders. Also have him put Pandaran's Step on his boots.

    With this set up, he will be at 14.99% hit cap, the last 0.01% is negligible. He'll gain Int and Crit from this setup.

    Other than those, he'll really only get better with better practice.

    Looking at the number of Mind Spikes cast, I'm assuming he's not too great at using them when they proc -- which he should be. I don't think I've ever had a Mind Spike reset my DoTs, so he doesn't need to worry about it. Make sure he reapplys DoTs before going into the spirit realm if they would fall off otherwise. Also, the longer he stays in there for, the better his buff, and therefor more damage. Make sure he knows this.

    Lastly, he's missing out on quite a few Devouring Plague. Be sure to remind him that while he's casting Mind Spike in the spirit realm, he should utilize the Mind Spike Glyph to get instant cast Mind Blasts, saving for 3 Orbs, using DP on the boss at 3 Orbs. With a fight lasting 4:57 seconds, he has time to cast 19 DP. He only cast 15. It may not seem like much, but it DOES make a difference.

    EDIT: and as Argg0 said, he didn't use Halo at all. He should use it on CD. Especially in the Spirit Realm.
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    How much dps are you expecting? Spriests aren't particularly strong on Gara'jal. If he'd done another 4.5k, he'd have ranked in the top 200.

    Killing adds in the shadow realm would increase Mind Spike dmg (moreso with FDCL) and reduce overall dot uptime. And yeah no Halo. He might have ranked if he'd fired that off on cooldown.

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    Another thing, I'd personally consider using Twist of Fate since you damage low adds quite a bit. The extra damage is really nice on fights with adds.
    I just started doing "Let's Play" videos on YouTube. If you are into that kind of thing, please check it out and subscribe if you like it!

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    You need to run some more heroics and get some proper haste gear. You're only 1400ish off the first haste cap, which seem's a lot but with today's gem's/gear it isnt. 8050 haste made a big difference for me. Maybe replace the blue in trinket with the hit one for now and free up some space to cap the haste.

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