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    how many Scenarios have you actually done?

    Title says it, How many have you done? myself I have only done 4 I dont really see the point of them there not even fun imo

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    4. I did the first one @ 85 and about 3 more at 90. The one for the 450 weapon, and a couple more until I realized I could easily cap vp in just heroics/daily quests.

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    0 since MoP launch, I have no real interest and the Theramore one turned me off them, despite hearing so much about how good the other ones are in comparison.

    I did queue for one, 3 dps, wiped a couple times and I went and did a heroic instead.
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    I've only done 2, the level 85 one and the level 90 one for the weapon.

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    How many times have I run the same scenario? Or how many different ones have I done?

    I've done 3 different scenarios so far; theramore, arena of annihilation, and the pirate hozen brew one.

    However, I must've done about... 30-ish runs of scenarios so far. We were trying to get the 100 scenarios achievement before MoP launched. Unfortunately, we were betting on Theramore being more interesting. :< Alas.

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    1, and it was gay as fuk

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    3. One to get a sword, the other two for fun. One awarded me 463 plate DPS boots, the other, gold.

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    None, I should get on it.
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    I've done 5 different types of scenario(Theramore, AoA, the mogu one, the yaungol one, and the jadeforest one), but I've probably done 10 overall runs of them. I think they're pretty fun, and when you're in a really little guild, it's much easier to find 2 other people to do a scenario than 4 to run a heroic.

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    I have done them all a couple times. They arn't bad but the bag needs to have gear in it a lot more than it does. I only got 2 pieces of gear.

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    Other than the few Theramore ones I did at 85....1 as 90. Got Theramore. Gah
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    3-4 at level 90, all gold except one piece of offspec enchance gear. Its a fun way to kill some time with a couple of friends, but after the couple of idiots I ran one with I'm not sure I would solo queue again.

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    Done them all except brewmoon festival and they are alright. Theramore is just plain dull imo but the rest are ok. Nice time fillers

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    The Theramore one at 85. And I think 2 more since. Arena of Annihilation for the weapon and A Brewing Storm.

    I will do them eventually for the achieves, but that'll be the only reason.

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    1 time to get my staff. But I spend more time queuing for Coren and Heroics tbh. Perhaps later this week I will visit them.

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    2, Theramore one and another random one of which I'm not even sure what the name is, was boring as hell so I gave up on those for now.
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    17. Been slacking, trying to finish all the achievements in there.
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    did 6-7 at start of the expansion too try and get some gear too queue for the heroics. ever since i could do those i simply didnt have the time to do more scenario's yet.

    i do plan on doing some more, havent even seen 3-4 of them yet

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    I did the one at 85 for Theramore and then one called A Brewing Storm at 90 yesterday.

    Seems lolzy enough to bother doing once or twice. There's so much to do in MoP that I'm not bothered really!

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    5 at 90. The arena 3 times, the Kun Lai village one and the thunder brewing thingy once. Not gonna do any others except for a Saturday where I grind them all out with some guildies and do all the achievements so I never have to do them ever again.
    Both because in all of those except for the one arena I did with guildies, the other members of the group were so terrible that it took ages to complete them. I also just don't have the time. Currently spending all my time growing stuff on 2 characters, making Darkmoon Cards on 1 character and levelling a monk(and after that I'm finishing my DK).
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