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    Holy - Giving Up Spirit for Haste (2nd opinion)

    Looking for a 2nd opinion on some boots that were given to me. I know it's early on raiding for us, but these boots seem more of a side grade. Heavenly Jade Greatboots vs. Intemperate Greatboots

    Doing the math on the reforging, I would lose 160 spirit and 21 mastery for 17 int, 16 crit and 613 haste.

    I'm not valuing haste highly at this point in the expansion, so curious what you would do in this case.

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    Spirit is (by far) our most throughput stat. I would never advise reforging out of spirit, and I wouldn't take a non-spirit piece over a spirit piece. Here's a pretty good guide to our BIS list: http://healbot.net/holy-paladin-gear-bis-lists-mop-50/

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    I wouldn't even give up mastery for haste.

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    I would definitely take the Spirit boots over the non-spirit boots.

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    I would stick with the spirit boots, especially since haste is probably the least desirable stat to stack at this point.

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    Barreldodger boots from first boss in heroic stormstout brewery are actually better then both of those stat wise (spirit, haste that you can reforge to mastery and it has a blue socket)

    Get those instead
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    lol if you're stacking haste over spirit/mastery, you need to do some research

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    What I did was reforge the haste to spirit(crit and haste are close in value and there is way more haste to reforge) put in a 320 spirit gem and use the higher ilevel item. You will get way more secondary stats, near as much spirit, and more int. Or you might be able to use that gem slot to activate a meta with a spirit mastery gem. For around 150ish spirit your gaining way to much in other stats to ignore.

    I'm at 9.5k spirit using and have switched to 300 int food even. Spirit is king, but at you gear that is less and less so. If your not unable to cast a spell when the boss is dead you have too much spirit. I was too a point on 2 healing Elegon where I was 15% on mana at enrage wipes. Switched to the int food and could feel the difference in healing my side in the phase 2 parts. I've stick with the int food since.

    If you seem to mot be able to live with out that 150ish mana I would work on spell choice and over-healing before giving up over 500 of other stats. Don't forget that those stats all save you in mana too.

    EDIT: Oh btw I had the same boots to choose between and that is what I did.

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    I did the same thing as Bright, the higher ilvl means that you gain Int, Secondary stats, with a loss of like ~20 spirit. I gained like, 150 crit, lost 180 mastery, and gained about basically all of the haste.

    Everyone has to take stat weights with a grain of salt. As a DPS, you evaluate as each stat gives different amounts of damage but the stats are never 100% the same amount on a piece of gear. Healers have to do this too, is losing 50 spirit worth 80 mastery?

    I'd go with the Heavenly Jade Greatboots, the socket + turning crit/haste -> spirit will mean overall a stat gain.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shuttle View Post
    lol if you're stacking haste over spirit/mastery, you need to do some research
    The approximate gains per point of haste is .68 and mastery is .7, if there is more haste of the gear it will probably actually increase your HPS more than a lower amount of mastery (mana concerns aside, which will happen as we gain more gear).
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    The Sha of Anger boots are awful (for all classes) because for some reason Blizzard put sockets in all boots ilvl 463+ and forgot the Sha of Anger boots. The other boots are pretty bad because they don't have Spirit.

    I definitely wouldn't bother with the Sha of Anger boots at all. Toss those - DE them, whatever. The reason for this is that if you wanted to pick the Sha boots for the extra Spirit, then you should just move down to the Barreldodger heroic blues, which gain even more spirit because you can gem +320 Spirit. Additionally, they have Haste over Crit, which is pretty awful. And of course, if you wanted higher ilvl, you would just go with the 489s.

    So imo, it's down between the Heavenly Jade Greatboots and Barreldodger Boots for boots choice, and which one is better probably depends on quite a few things - mainly whether or not you feel comfortable in raid fights with your current level of spirit and are okay with temporarily (until you get better) dropping ~100 or so for other stats.

    ...Eh, honestly I'd go with the Heavenly Jade Greatboots unless you were really having mana problems.
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    I'm still using http://www.wowhead.com/item=81242 over the 476 boots. Probably would make the jump for the 489s though, and just put a blue gem in the socket.

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    Don't use those 489 boots. We had 3 holy pallies on our first alt run when they dropped, and no one even bothered to roll.

    If you are gearing for heroics that is.

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