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    If gear is harder to get without dailies then it's not an option. Simply dailies or die. At this point I'm done with heroics. Basically I log on for lfr and that's it. WIthout dailiels i have no where to go and this BS upgrade system their implementing doesn't cut it. They may as well just get rid of valor gear altogether. My feeling is that's exactly what's coming. The argument that I don't need gear is similar to saying I don't need to play this game. Well your right I don't. Blizzard is telling it's customers it doesn't need to play the game or sub every time they hide behind this bs nonsense about not needing dailies. Making one path worse than the other is FORCING the better path on the player base. I mean you didn't absolutely have to take that 5% dps talent, you could have taken the shitty utility talents but guess what everyone did?
    Have you even earned a piece of VP gear yet? Taking the rep path for gearing up is substantially harder than gearing through heroics/crafting -> LFR -> Normal modes, etc. It takes forever to save up enough VP to buy even one piece of VP gear.

    You do NOT have to do dailies because you can gear up easily without even touching reputations. There is no gear available on VP vendors that is not available through other means. If you feel obligated to be a completionist and unlock all the vendors, that is your problem, not a game design problem.

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    It would not require you to play longer. It would be (about) the same time (ingame), just stretched out more (irl).
    Which is EXACTLY what blizzard wants. THey want ppl to go slower and sub longer to get the things they want. It is the whole idea behind the daily system.
    READ and be less Ignorant.

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