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    Regarding heroism, our plan was to use it when Garajal enrages at the 20% mark to shorten the time we have to survive when he starts hitting really hard. Do you think it's better to shorten P1 (as I may call it) and lengthen P2?
    It's better to use it the start. The 20% mark isn't so terrible to deal with.

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    I killed this boss last week on Heroic. 3 healed it and reforged away as much spirit as possible and 3.7k healing stream totem cap and rest into crit and mastery. The regain buff from spirit phase makes spirit useless if you make sure you always go out with full mana and around 14k mana regain. Inside i was keeping riptide up but ignoring tidal waves stack and just spamming healing surge. outside basicly same rotation riptide on tank and voodoo dolls and healing surge on people who need healing. Using cds whenever there is big damage spikes. Spare time i was keeping flame shock on boss for dps. Also went for the primal elementalist talent for extra dps

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