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    WHAT IF: King Varian Wrynn situation*Obvious spoilers*

    Since Wrath of the Lich King, King Varian Wrynn has a huge beef with the Horde and wanted to rally the Alliance against them. But lately, I've heard from both the Tides of War book and from the 5.1 soundfiles Jaina Proudmoore criticizing Varian for not being aggressive enough.

    What would happen if King Varian Wrynn was accused of treason by his very allies and is forced to go into hiding? Suppose the other leaders of the Alliance believe that King Varian isn't aggressive enough in his war against the Horde. They accuse him of sympathizing with the Horde, and as a result, King Varian Wrynn becomes a King in hiding in order to clear his name.

    How would that sound during his own trials? Having Varian, son of Llaine, become an enemy of the very kingdom he is king of.

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    Sounds unnecessary. Most of the Alliance want the Horde stopped, and Varian has made it clear that (while he is open to vying for peace if that's what's best for the Alliance) he's not going to sit around and get his teeth kicked in if the Horde's going for all-out war.

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    Sounds good. Maybe then, someone else from the Alliance will actually get some decent screen time for once.

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