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    New combat rotation idea

    after reading first page of this thread http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...s-the-new-Shiv I came up with this idea.

    What if you use SS to increase bandits guile to moderate insight and from there switch to using shunriken toss. You would use SS again when bandits guile is about to fall off to refresh the timer. This would effectively extended moderate insight for about 30-40sec uptime. Of course when you hit deep insight you switch to using SS again until you return to moderate insight.

    Thoughts? If this came up in the "Shuriken toss is the new shiv" thread sorry I only read the first couple pages. Also I am unable to test this myself atm because I leveled my priest first.

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    Better than testing in-game (variable results from player quality and inability to see it played at different gear levels) would be to make sure the mechanics are up to date in SimC and try it there. What we DON'T know is if ST is definitely over SS because of CP/poisons gained against MG procs/base damage lost. If you know anything or want to do some mechanical tweaking in SimC or ShadowCraft-Engine, I'd be happy to see the results. I don't think this needs its own thread, though, and this belongs more as a comment to be thought about in the original thread on ST.

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