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    So I picked up this fist weapon...


    Got this one last night from Gara'Jal, I was the only one in the raid capable of using it besides the druid, so I just took it.
    I'm now wondering wether the base damage makes this better than the 463 sword and axe from the heroic dungeons?
    Am I a total noob for thinking an agi weapon is better just because of the higher weapon damage?

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    I'd definitely say so. Even an ilvl 476 epic agility one hander would be better than an ilvl 463 str one just because of the weapon dps difference.

    As it is the weapon dps/damage range difference between 10 ilvl's is so massive that you're gimping yourself even using a weapon with flawless stats on it.
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    The weapon damage is it's only saving grace in your situation. It's better than what you had but definitely keep an eye out for a replacement!

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