Hello there.

The guild Luminance on Shadowsong EU are looking for raiders for our core raid team. The guild is fairly new, but we want to get raiding early, so come on along.

We are looking for:

- A tank (preferably a paladin or a warrior)
- A healer (preferably a priest with a shadow offspec)
- four dps (preferably death knights, hunters, mages and warlocks, shamans and boomkins)

We want to start with just clearing MSV, HoF, and ToES, before moving on to ToT, so we dont care much about gear.

Other than that we are a friendly guild, that is looking to build a strong raid guild and a good community, for any players.

You can message me on my main Rambogizmo, on Shadowsong EU or add me on battletag EmilKrog#2333 and label it guild.

Luminance is hoping to see you soon!