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    Same here, literally the second pull Solo in PoS and the hilt dropped. We used to have trash runs and i just gave up and considered it another Ashes Of Alar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yig View Post
    OMG! Only about 24 hours and I managed to go from nothing to exalted! I thought this was only possible before the egg nerf. I'm an egg hunting machine!
    Okay, I have to know, what server are you on? I play on Moon Guard and Silver Hand(very populated and medium, respectively) and I've only hunted for eggs on SH. I figure that MG is going to be overrun anyways.

    I guess what I'm trying to say, you're definitely going to have an easier time if you're on a low pop realm.

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    Are people still grinding the reputation...?

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    Seemed to me the two times I did it that only 5-6 could be up at a time, and usually like 5-10 min before they started popping back up. This was during dead times, so it would not be load balanced to higher spawn rates.

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