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    I thinking that when you get to the final phase it would benificial to switch to zerker stance because of the stacking debuff and damage is crazy. Also something else I noticed that avatar is really good for that fight over bloddbath.

    what do others think?

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    Ok to address your last point first:

    Avatar is situationally better on that fight. While it's better burst than bloodbath, its worse DPS due to lower uptime. It comes down to phasing really. That boss is about timing DPS to phase the boss at the right time, to kill enough adds each set, and to be able to nuke the boss in the last phase. IF you have high enough DPS using Avatar at the start and than once again during the execute phase, without needing it than yes, I believe it would be a DPS increase. Personally I still use BB because it helps phase him quicker, and combined with a DR during the last add phase helps our DOT class kill their add quicker.

    As to the first point, I'm not quite sure. What is the formula for battle stance rage gen compared to serker rage/damage? I know battle is 12 rage/swing compared to 6 for serker, but what is the rate of rage gen per damage taken for serker?

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    If you or your group are having trouble with orbs then storm bolt is the way to go.
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    IIRC Zerker stance is ~1 rage per 1% of hp damage taken.

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    which is constant int he final phase no reason not to be in zerker

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    orbs are not an issue for us. we are are downing 4 then when 5 comes hitting on boss before the floor drops and same on second orb phase. our best attempt is 13%. I think the issue is they are 3 tanking in 25 man.

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    Each Total Annhiliation you can quickly switch to berserker stance if the healers can cope, gives a sizeable chunk of rage, then switch back to battle afterwards.

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    Berserker Stance is 1 rage for 1% HP taken + 50% of the rage generation of what you get in Battle Stance.

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    You should stay in zerker for the last phase. I was mindlessly spamming execute for the full duration, only using CS when avaiable. Not sure it's the best way to do it though, since BT gives you enrage uptime.
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    I accidentally stayed in zerker stance for the whole fight and ranked #2 arms warrior for elegon 25 a few days ago. Zerker stance is boss for this fight. Didn't have avatar, but I think it would be a DPS increase used with zerker stance and unlimited rage executes sub 20%,

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