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    [A] Sectioned:Recruiting Raiders & everyone so join in! (Outland EU)

    Sectioned is a reformed guild who aim to be a successful 10 Man World of Warcraft raiding guild on Outland (EU). We raid 4 days a week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 19:30 to 23:00 (Game Time)

    More about the guild:

    Sectioned was formed from a handful of very old raiders/ingame friends who take raiding seriously with a relaxed atmosphere, We resided on Arathor-EU but from a guild vote we decided Arathor was no longer for us.
    We progressed very quickly through our journey in all of the expansions and we aim to keep this progression at an all time high. We are a strong and independent guild with high ambitions of heroic raiding.
    We work hard towards our progression and often don't let anything get in our way, our officer team are seasoned veterans in the raiding world and fully experienced from the days of Classic World of Warcraft.


    We use Teamspeak to interact with each other, our website will contain all the information you need wether it's boss mechanics and strategies or DPS rotations/priorities in skills, general information that's required to help towards encounters or in general.

    All of our officers have done raids such as BWL, MC, ZG 20 man, ZA 20 man, Black Temple, AQ20/40 (C'thun Pre-nerf) and all have extensive experience in some of the hardest content World of Warcraft has had to offer.

    Our current recruitment is in need of a reasonably raid ready/active geared:

    All Classes

    What we expect from you:

    This has to be up to scratch, there's no room in Sectioned for people who don't have the will to gear up and prepare themselves fully before raiding. However if you are skilled and dedication and are prepared to prove yourself, we do make exceptions.

    We require you to have a fair amount of experience in World of Warcraft and be just as dedicated as we are, we enjoy silly banter as much as the next guy but we do take raiding seriously and theres no room for ignorant mistakes.

    Other players in the guild are human aswell, if one person makes an error we don't tollerate yelling at them we simply correct it and progress further on. However if said person makes the same mistake multiple times and is not improving, we will replace.
    We expect you to have well knowledge of the fight we are progressing on, most guilds will find their own comfortable routine of killing a boss and Sectioned is one of them. If the idea of wiping for a few hours/nights a week untill we can find what works for us gives you a headache then we are not the guild for you.

    We may require you to sit out on occasions this can also be during the raid and we don't expect you to complain about it, some fights require different classes, in respect of that if we have to queue you, we will.


    To be able to attend at least 2/4 days a week, anything less and I'm afraid we're not the guild for you raid-wise. We do have a social rank that enables people to sit and enjoy the guild from a different perspective. We're not elitist but our raiding has to be top notch. We welcome everyone who is interested however if you wish to raid, the rules above apply to you.

    Benefits offered:
    Full access to raiding materials for raiding wether it's farm or progression raids this includes:

    A friendly atmosphere of laid back well playing guild members
    Progression in all aspects of the game.
    Dedicated guild members to help with additional information on classes/strategies and oncoming events.
    Many More.

    Additional features include:

    Enchant's and or Materials.
    Flasks provided every raid.
    Repair's covered by the guild bank.
    Gems provided.

    We are always looking to expand and will take additional classes outside of our main recruitment if you are genuinely interested in being apart of our team so if you feel you have something to offer us don't hesitate to make an application at the given link below.


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    I registered but I still see the forum empty, where I can see what classes are you recruiting at the moment and apply?

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