I'm going to try and keep this as short as possible.

Previous experience:
Pre-TBC: Cleared, never entered Naxxrammas.
TBC: Cleared, never entered Sunwell. Raidleader for Karazhan/Gruul/Mag/TK/SSC/BT
Wotlk: Cleared. 10/12 HC ICC. Raidleader for ICC
Cata: Cleared on normal only.

I've been playing WoW as a mage since its release. I have 5 mages. 4 at level 70, 1 at level 85.
In Cataclysm however I found myself growing an interest for tanking thus leveled a warrior.
Enjoyed tanking all the way up to 85 through LFG however I would rarely raid with my warrior because of roster issues with the guild.

Currently my WoW subscription is over, and I haven't played MoP.
I am looking for a guild that has an aim of clearing heroic content in MoP and has a very nice atmosphere in guild/raid chat.
I'm also willing to transfer realms, however I prefer Alliance.
I would be comfortable for raids to end 23:00 server time.

What you can expect from me is complete dedication. I know how to maximize the character I'm playing in a really short period of time. I understand that having not played MoP yet is an issue, the reason however is because I am not interested in playing without a proper guild.
I also understand that my lack of raiding time with the warrior is another issue; I am however confident that it should be no problem at all.
You can be assured that within a few days, less than a week I would be raid ready.

If you'd like more info let me know, I could login with a friend's account.

Kind regards,