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    Is BodyBuilding the MOST HATED sport?

    I think so because of jealousy. dead srs here brah

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    I think the real question is, is it even a sport?

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    Why would it be? I personally love it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Checkem View Post
    I think the real question is, is it even a sport?
    you do have to kinda work out alot for it so yeah its a sport.

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    Haven't ever heard of people actually hating it. It might be a dirty sport but that's about all people could hate it for I think.

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    I'm not sure if its so much that bodybuilding itself is so hated as it is the stereotype of people who body build (the attitude, the steroids etc)

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    Quote Originally Posted by yuareapirate View Post
    you do have to kinda work out alot for it so yeah its a sport.
    working out a lot doesn't make it a sport though
    I can agree they are athletes to some level but hardly a sport, since its comparable to modelling for the judging

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    Of course it's a sport. They train like mad to achieve amazing physical condition. Only difference is, they don't strive to be faster or be the most agile, but they rather strive for volume and definition.

    And I don't think anyone hates bodybuilding? Maybe sometimes they make fun of it, but nowhere near other sports like synchronized swimming :P
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    The attitude of arrogance and general lack of knowledge of its athletes are more probably causes for people to dislike bodybuilding as a sport than jealousy.

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    I don't like it because I don't like the way bodybuilders look. And many of them have a bad rep for bad attitudes/acting superior.

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    I don't hate bodybuilding I just don't like the attitude most of them have, although personally I don't view it as a sport.

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    Absolutely hate it. I have a smaller frame so lifting heavy things I despise. I'd much rather go for a jog or do intermodal training with light to moderate weights and get those fast twitch muscles working. Plus working up a big stinky sweat is always nice.

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    Not really the most constructive beginning to a topic. Closed.

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