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    I've had em ever since I was 3. Gotta wear them all day long too. Honestly I don't notice them half the time.

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    To answer the original questions: Yes and Yes.
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    I wear glasses pretty much all the time and have for years. I used to avoid wearing them but now I find I'm wearing them more and more often..

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    My vision was bad enough that things got fuzzy if they were more than ~4 inches from my face. No idea what my numbers were, at the time they'd only discuss vision in terms of 20/20 and the like, and of course while you're growing that changes pretty often; I've astigmatism in my left eye. I wore glasses from 4th grade on up to adulthood, though I started wearing contacts out of the house around 8th grade, and those were ok but more of a pain than glasses (at least, they were for me - it wasn't that they were uncomfortable, but they require more "care" than glasses so and I'm a lazy person, so...).

    About six years ago I got LASIK surgery and I've been quite pleased. My left eye is still a little hit and miss, but it's close enough that an exam puts me at normal perfect vision (not far sighted, not near sighted, no need for physical correction, just blink a few times and I'm able to focus on normal distanced stuff). My mother split the cost for the surgery with me, she funded one eye, I funded the other.

    I'm glad I was able to get it done in my 20s, as waiting til your 40s means your deteriorating eye will just need correction again within a few years. I've still got my 30s and early 40s before I should have to worry about needing glasses for slight correction. (your eyes are still changing in your teens, so I couldn't recommend getting it earlier than 20s).

    To this day, I find people who wear glasses to be more attractive than those who don't. Put a pair of twins side by side with only one wearing glasses, and I'll pick the one with spectacles on.

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    Yes I have glasses but I only wear them at home.

    -3 on both eyes doesnt allow me to go outside without contacts, though.
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    Three years ago my eye sight pretty much dropped from perfect to shit. A year ago I started wearing my glasses full time, I don't take them off until the end of the day when I go to bed. I usually forget they're there. But considering I wear them all the time, I shelled out on a really nice frame. :P

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    Wear glasses all the time. I also have usher's syndrome/retinitas pigmentosa too.
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    I do have and wear glasses. At first I didn't need them that much, but now I wear them most of the time. The only time I take them of is if I am at home.

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    I have about -0.75 in both my eyes, so it's definatly not needed for me to wear glasses, but I still do it when I go outside.

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