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    Trying to think of fun Minecraft challenges - thoughts?

    Hey all!

    I'm playing a game with a buddy of mine where we made 10x10 dirt areas and are going to have specific challenges to meet with 1 challenge = 1 point. We are allowed to leave the platform for 10 minutes, but have to be back by 10 minutes exactly. After those 10 minutes, we will be stuck on the island for 5 minutes before repeating. If you're not back on the island within 10 minutes, you incur a penalty where the other player can take 1 stack of any item.

    Here are the only one's we've thought of so far:

    1. Full Iron Armor
    2. 3 Harvested Foods

    We're trying to think of cool things to add to our list! Anyone have any thoughts?
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    I think those 2 you have listed are good ideas. Unfortunately, I do not have any ideas of my own to share with you.

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    Soudns very fun, will try this with a buddy of mine as well. What kind of mods are your running, if any? I can think of numerous challenges with modes like Mekanism, IC2 etc.
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