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    Rune Regen effected by Haste

    Can some please give me the math that shows, how Haste effects Rune Regen speed?


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    Rune regen speed = base rune regen speed * (1+(haste rating/(haste rating per %)) * [1+specRegen] * [1+outsideBuffs]

    Base regen is 1 every 10 sec or 0.1/sec
    Spec bonus as in improved blood presence (+20%) or Unholy Presence
    Outside buffs would be 10% melee haste me thinks
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    Much appreciated Kudo's to you

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    melee haste buff does not affect rune regen. easily verifiable by swapping to UH or Frost spec, which grant unholy aura.

    Blood spec, tank gear, frost pres - 10s regen,
    Frost spec, tank gear, frost pres - 10s regen.

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    There is no "melee haste buff". There is only an attack speed buff generated by Unholy Aura, Rogues and other specs i can't recall.

    But yeah it goes without saying, Attack Speed buffs don't increase Haste and therefore don't increase Rune Speed.

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    Rune regen time = 425000 / ( your haste rating + 42500 )
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