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    one does not simply catch a druid healer.....

    ok WTF sERIOUSLY...i was playing against F mage and druid resto....i was trying to take down the druid ......this dude was amazing!! turning invisible or something ..i got srsly no idea ..druid was the only class i didnt do a research on before i started pvp...and now i am shocked..i was losing him every 10-15 seconds..he was like he could vanish or sthing....also he has mage with his bind in place mambo jambo spam.......any ideas on what he was doing and how to counter that?

    aha i think i posted this on the wrong section??pvp section would be better i guess?sry for the inconvinience.

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    I really hope they do change this spell. It is really annoying. Moreover since druids are really strong at the moment making any non heal druid feeling useless in the PvP environment.

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