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    [Balance] Question about ADD type fights (i.e. Spoils and Galakras)

    I get how dots work and snapshotting but I don't think my druid is doing enough dps on those type fights. Are we just supposed to multi-dot EVERYTHING and just use SS procs as they come? Use Inc and NV? Looking to push it cause I don't think I'm doing the best I can. Just looking for tips on fights like those.


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    Inc and Hotw, keep dots on all targets while prioritizing Starsurge procs.

    Try to dot targets that live the entire dot duration instead of short living ones.
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    i try to follow what i call the "six dot rule". basically, i dont spend more than six GCD's on dots before pushing next eclipse. This might mean full dots on 3 targets, eclipsed dot on 6 targets, or full dots on 1 target and eclipsed on 4 others, or any other combination that would net the most 'useful' damage.

    this preserves nature's grace uptime, which is still the most important thing. if you just "keep dots on all targets" you will see a dps loss as moving from eclipse to eclipse becomes painfully slow. less with meta gem procs, but still not ideal. i discovered this on horridon last tier. i tried to keep all targets dotted while the other moonkin in our raid followed some variant of the "six dot rule" and he stomped my dps. the difference? nature's grace uptime.

    there are probably more mathematically proven ways to eek out better damage in multi-dot situations, but my dps on multi-target encounters has increased significantly since adopting this rule. i'm not saying this is THE BEST way but i am saying i struggled with your situation too until i started doing it THIS way.

    edit: dot EVERYTHING under CA/Incarnation. maybe even 1 or 2 targets that would only net you "padding" damage for useful starsurge procs - but that is a subject of much debate, though, it is settled that 2 GCDs on a superfluous target is a net-loss of damage on an important target.
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    I follow a similar game plan that crunk does... On spoils I usually dot the targets that aren't about to die with my eclipsed dot only. If I had a target that is going to be alive for a little bit longer (the mini boss crate things) I'll double dot them and throw my procs into it. There does come a point where more dots doesn't yield more dmg output. There is math somewhere for it... I do things based on feel... But you gotta keep your bar moving back and fourth.. I usually frun Inc/HoTW because I'm a lazy boomkin and I hate DoC... lol but when I have Inc/CA up I will dot as many targets as I can and throw out my rules..

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