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    wich tank choice?

    Hello, i just want to know what do you think is the best tank for me to use.

    here my raid setup:

    tank: Druid
    Healers: Paladin, Monk
    Dps: Mage, Hunter x2, Dk, Pala, Rogue

    so for the best raid setup wich is better?

    thank you

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    I would say Warrior, if you on the other hand didn't have a dk dps already I would have recommended that (both is good with druid tank)

    With the warrior you will also get banners and such to help the raid as well as a durable wall of a tank

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    Make the paladin or DK tank. You don't really want 3 melee dps, and you can fill the last slot with a DPS/Swing healer (Ele shaman, Moonkin, Shadow Priest).

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