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    Raid Cd Monitoring

    I used to use Hermes but its broken so Im looking for a new one. Any ideas?

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    bump. need halp

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    Is there an error? I've been using it fine for awhile now. You could always PM Virtual here on the forums; pretty sure he's the addon's author.

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    I'm not sure how to install this add-on (sorry for the necro, but it seems better than making anew thread). Can anyone help with that?
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    ORA3 (however it needs everyone to have it installed)
    it has a Raid CD monitor which you can configure quite easily to show which CD's you want to watch.
    also spys on peoples durability, and allows for mass invites. Valuable raiding tool tbh
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    There's a button there labeled "ZIP". Click that button to download a zip-fil that you can extract to your addons folder. Or if you can't find it: download link.

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    Quote Originally Posted by castalya View Post

    ive started using that, seems good so far
    Does that really work for you? It errors all the time, see https://github.com/vqmethyl/BLRaidCooldowns/issues

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    1st.is perfect but it does more than only cd monitor
    2nd.is really lightweight (~17kb if i remember right)but no ingame config.

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