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    Omg dat Warlock art!!!!

    I want this ingame!!!

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    heh, Paragon completed the heroic mode on 10 man like a day ago.
    And people still insist that 10 man is harder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gyver View Post
    if 25man is easier then why do all the top guilds run 25man? Paragon only went 10man because they were forced to, since they couldn't find enough Finnish speaking hardcore raiders. The top guilds know 25man is harder and do 25man to be recognized for doing the harder kill.
    wrong, they do it because a small vocal majority believes it's harder to do 25. It's not harder because you still only control 1 character in the raid, the bosses abilities is the same, you need to do the same dmg.

    One thing I may agree on that for less hardcore guilds it's harder with 25 because you usually fill up the raids with 15 nabs just do the content, but for the top 10 or even 20 guilds it doesn't matter if it's 10 or 25 because it will just as "easy" for them in either setup due to only having world class players who will know their role pretty quickly, only thing that set top guilds back is gear requirements to push the dps (lich king hc huge example).

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    Blood Legion is the Canadian sports team of WoW - they always do well, but finish just below where they want to. I say this both as a Canadian and someone who was rooting for them to win - no disrespect

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    I might lvl my warlock to 90 just to do that questchain!

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    I really wish people would just stop with the whole 10 vs 25 thing. Right now it is impossible to say which is harder this tier because NOBODY has cleared both yet so there really is no way to compare them. Yes in the past 25 man has been a bit harder, but even looking at DS there were some fights that were harder as 10 man, we have no way other than wild speculation on knowing about this tier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkguyver2020 View Post
    I hope these new dailies in Krasarang Wilds are like the ones in Tol Barad. I would like to advance the story without being forced to do PvP.
    It'll be a cold day in Hell before I participate in any PvP in this game. That's what PvP servers are for.
    There is 0% chance that players will be forced to pvp or flag for pvp to do these questlines.

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    That Warlock fanart was stolen right out of Darksiders 2. That looks exactly like Death's true form.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainArlong View Post
    That Warlock fanart was stolen right out of Darksiders 2. That looks exactly like Death's true form.
    You do know that the warlock in the fanart is wearing T5, right?

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    The bag issue is one thing that has bothered my from the beginning of this patch. I know they have expressed interest in expanding our default bag and there are issues doing that. But I would have loved to see some more option for bags in MOP. Such as a windwool 28 slot and the special cloth as a 30 slot or something. Another bag we need is a cooking bag. With all these new cooking items, my bags are completely full. A 36 slot cooking bag would significantly help that problem. Could be an engi craft (portable refrigerator)?

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    After some recent discussion, we're now exploring options to develop something similar to Void Storage where you can store your cooking materials. A Pantry, if you will.
    Yes x 1000

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    Please tell me the pvp bullshit is optional... that we don't actually have to go to stupid BG's or get flagged and ganked while doing dalies... the endless dalies that take hours to do to repgrind were bad enough... forced pvp is not ok. this is a RPG not a DODA or LOL game. Keep the pvp to pvp servers and away form PVE things that matter to raiders.

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    Warlocks can obtain a [Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion] that is sealed.
    umm duh?

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    Don't want to engage in whole 10vs25 discussion as I didn't do 10man hc nor 25man just yet, but what I did was both modes on normal. 10man on normal is free loot. literally. It's like LFR. I'm not saying that 25 normal is much harder but at least you have to pay attention here and there.

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    Congrats to Method on World First!

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    Relax people, most likly killing Horde/Alliance NPC will NOT flag you for PvP and you can continue to do DAILIES! YAY DAILIES <3

    But things might get very very interesting on PvP servers....

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    I don't play wow anymore but I played and paid for a couple of years.
    I don't think always making changes to classes matters very much. I love change but could the attention not be brought to something else? wow is a great game but outdated in a way, the textures are all low quality but they look and feel great but are outdated in my opinion.

    like I use to run a website and put all my time and effort into it.
    I treated it like it was my child and put so much effort into it, the members loved it but then I started to keep changing it (making unnecessary changes) like changing something and then changing it again and then going back and what ever. now what the members really wanted was -> content <- . the forum was already perfectly (mostly) layed out and had great forum software. the thing it was lacking was content and over time changes kept been made and then reverted and whatever but that was just useless and made the members not like it was much. they wanted new and more content, not changes. the classes in wow are already fine really but in my opinion as of now over 7 years it needs to be updated and more content. not changes made to classes. instead of putting the effort and attention to changing classes,etc -> focus on new content. World of Warcraft in my opinion is already awesome because:
    - The World, the way everything is layed out, etc
    - The music (perfect for each zone,etc)
    - Elwynn Forest -> Goldshire (the way its layed out).
    - The light/-> Brightish. It gives a nice fresh feeling and why I loved and played WoW.
    - The textures,art,etc (but the textures quality seems to be very low, wish it is higher quality) -> makes a big difference
    - It runs smooth, zooming in and out even <- all that makes a huge difference. I went to play Aion and the zooming in and out from your alt was a nightmare, it was just not that fun.
    - The animations -> Best animations ever in any game, runs/looks/feels so smooth. WoW overall just feels and runs so smooth and that is another reason why I'm tempted to go back and play it.
    - The art,the design,the scale,etc,
    - Players levels,etc (80,31,etc)
    - The style and the type of the game. (The medieval bit makes wow in my opinion). whatever it is its just great.
    - etc..

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    I just wish Blizzard would stop redoing the dungeons...and if they redo them at least make them fun, the ones they've redone in MoP (scarlet halls etc) are so freaking dull... i mean killing trash is a dull job but those places -shudders- i'd rather watch jeremy kyle and that makes me feel dirty.

    lore wise is still pretty lol, especially if they do kill the prince... as velen in the short stories spread all over blizzards websites in the "getting to know your leader" segment (i still have no idea who the blood elf dude is) velen saw anduin as a paladin in the future.

    meh...a prince who goes to a faraway land to save his people and ignores his fathers pleas to come home. it's been done.

    much like the dungeons they're remaking. stale. just stale.

    least the new zones are pretty. shame about the quests, the bugs (oh the bugs) and the feeling of rep grinds that feel WORSE than vanilla, least in vanilla you got quests AND rep from mobs you killed. In MoP it's just daily quests on daily quests giving so low a rep.. i wonder if it's worth it.

    Look at the sword offered by the kaxxi at exalted, pfffft .. i'm halfway through revered and have a better weapon than that !

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    I hope that this q actually provides a reward like green fire and not have to wait for the next part on 5.2 -.-

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    Congrats on world first to method

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