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    The Unstoppable Force Resentful's Avatar
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    Do you do your dailies everyday?

    Mostly here I do however from time to time get bored and say ''I'll do it tomorrow'' Now your self?

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    Titan Aeula's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    Silvermoon City, last bastion of the North-Eastern Horde
    Used to, but when i got to 90 on my second toon i stopped, exalted with cloud serpents and tillers anyway, only other faction im interested in is anglers, could care less about the rest.

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    Scarab Lord Frolk's Avatar
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    I got my main to start with Shado-Pan, day after i just said "fuck it, ill get rest of gear from raids"
    Ill be forced to get do em later on with my "achie char" for exalted/mounts etc, but that i wont do for another month or so

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    The Patient
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    Nov 2009
    Houston, TX
    Nope, I tell myself. "Oh yeah, do your dailies!" then before I know it the night is over and I didn't do one. Dailies suck.

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    Pandaren Monk Darkis's Avatar
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    Only doing Tillers and Golden Lotus everyday besides weekends. Don't care about the rest.

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    The "necessary" dailies, ie golden lotus and tillers yes, on the verge of unlocking shado-pan and AC as well so that will keep me busy for a while, my ultimate goal is to be able to kill alani and get the mount, which requires both OotCS and AC at exalted. Will "get around" to doing the others some time, I'll do klaxxi when i can be bothered, I really want that scorpion mount.
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    Pandaren Monk nalle's Avatar
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    Nov 2008
    Doing all of them because I want all the mounts (in all possible colors)!
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    Herald of the Titans Draknalor186's Avatar
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    Nov 2010
    i'll do em later on.. havent botherd getting started with them yet, i do em when i'll feel nlike it =P

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    Brewmaster smegdawg's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    Seattle, WA
    I have been ignoring cloud serpents and anglers.

    Now that I am done with Tillers I will be starting the cloud serpents

    Other then missing 2 days of Celestials cause I completely spaced I have done all the other factions every day that I have had them.

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    I do most of my dailies, daily...but if I really don't feel it, I don't do it. I just level an alt or do scenarios or something else instead.

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    I do tillers/anglers everyday with either Klaxxi or Golden Lotus.

    I do the cloud serpent ones like once a week when I have time and nothing else to do in-game... I'm a druid so I'm not really interested in mounts.

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    Currently I try to. Doing the Tillers for more space and the Cloud Serpent as often as possible, putting in the Golden Lotus Dailies when I have nothing to do. I wouldn't drop anything more interesting (in and outside of the game) to do dailies but since I am 90, I have the time to do it, most days.

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    Everyday, until i have what i want (valor epics etc.).

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    Yes, most of them I do everyday, but sometimes when I'm tired I skip Klaxxi and Anglers dailies.

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    Brewmaster Xarganthos's Avatar
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    Vienna, Austria
    i'm doing most of them. after i reached revered with GL i stopped with them for the time being as there are just too much dailies (dont have much time^^)

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    For now I'm doing Cloud serpent / Tillers / Golden Lotus with the first one almost exalted. I will probably start on Anglers then.

    I enjoy doing them, takes my mind of work.

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    I do it everyday but I started on a couple factions late (~3 days after 90) so I'm making up for lost time. Also, stopping after Exalted as well.

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    I have always done dailies, going on maybe for five years now. Whats the big deal, you do them or you don't.

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    Hate em, never do em

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    Have not touched Anglers at all (did a few of their initial quests in Dread Wastes), do Klaxxi every day (don't need anymore since I hit revered, just helping a friend out), do Golden Lotus when I'm bored (once every other day or so), have not touched Cloud Serpents at all, and only do The Tillers "plant this today" quest.

    Might end up having to do Golden Lotus for Shado-Pan helmets at the rate my guild is going though...

    I kind of want that waterstrider mount though... but dailies are not appealing to me right now (so many...), so I'll probably get it in like 5.2 or something.
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