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    Sightstone on all roles (Except ADC)

    Recently I have been experimenting with a Sightstone on Tops, Mids and Junglers. Of course it is a no brainer item for Supports and not needed on an ADC because the support is covering your lane, but a sightstone pays itself off in 15 minutes of ward coverage, assuming you are using both wards at all times. Not to mention the fact that it sells for 490G, 70% of the initial investment. The reason I see some supports be a bit unsure about the Sightstone is they can only have 2-3 wards down at a time, not enough to cover everything that needs to be covered. However if there are 4 people with a Sightstone, you could cover all 4 exits of the enemy jungle, both of your buffs or their buffs, depending on what is required, Dragon and Baron and even have one spare ward (assuming the support upgraded to a Ruby Sightstone) for checking a suspicious bush or whatever is needed.

    I find that if 2+ people have a Sightstone and communicate properly the ward coverage at so little gold is extremely effective. Obviously the carries, top and possibly Jungler would need to sell their Sightstone for late game items once they finish their first 5 items, but at that point the Support could just sell their Ruby Sightstone for 70% of the initial investment and go back to 5 wards at a time anyway. What is everyone's thoughts of investing in multiple Sightstones for extreme ward coverage?

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    I think that having 4 people with sightstones is a bit overkill, but 2-3 on a team is very helpful.

    The trade off you get for more wards is putting yourself behind in lane for awhile. In top lane it can be disastrous to not buy the items you need for your core, since the other laner can take advantage of the weaker you. If your jungler is spot on with knowing where to be, and what not, the extra wards help a lot, but usually you don't need that many wards.

    Probably the main problem that this would run into is communication. I wouldn't advise telling pugs to all by sight stones so you have wards, but if you are doing premades then it becomes much more viable simply because you can communicate more effectively. However, with proper communication and intuition, you don't need as many wards at all times of the game to predict where your opponent is going. You obviously need some wards, but I don't think that many wards are required.

    Just my two cents. I know a lot of people have been playing around with the idea, but I haven't really seen anyone commit to it. If you are jungling lee sin, then you are going to end up with a sightstone because that item was practically made for him. So in that case you would have two sightstones, but otherwise I don't really see if being the best item for most characters.

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    For mid and top, especially top, if you buy Sightstone early you just set yourself back 700g on your build and that 700g that might lose you the lane. There is a reason why first kill usually wins the top and second secures your snowball - and Sightstone is more than those two kills. Mid is less snowbally, but it's still easy to lose with 2 kills worth of gold of disadvantage. I can see it being reasonable after you get the core items and that 700g ceases to be THAT critical, but still carrying it on 4 champions is not a good idea.
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    Yeah, I agree, I've been buying Ruby-Sightstone as top/jungle about mid through the game.
    The extra vision is amazing.
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    That thing is always empty for me. I love to buy it as a jungler. Once everyones roaming and team fights are happening I always keep a real ward at baron and dragon, and use the sightstone for map vision and bush checking. Or for infinite wall jumping if I'm playing Lee Sin.
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    I'm always getting it as jungler.

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    I definitely always get it on junglers and supports.

    It's good for mids and tops too, but I would wait until people start to roam. The laning phase is kind of early for such an investment imo.

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    700g is a bit much for laning phase, you'd need 4-5 wards for laning phase (for top I'd say, 4x3 would last for 12 minutes, without a ward at the start, you'll be fine)
    For supports though, a must have.

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