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    Cause he is pure evil... wrapped in Fluff

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    In addition, he seems to get a LOT of skins for a champion, which does kinda make sense because he's one of the more played champions, but that still annoys people because other champs such as Soraka, Udyr, and Trundle only have their two release skins.

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    I love Teemo on my team. Finally someone who wards besides me. :P rofl Seriously though. I like having him cause I can run someone whose chasing me over a mushroom. Flip side, I hate him cause I dislike running over mushrooms. Plus I can never seem to get out of range of his auto attack. I mean...damn...Paris Hilton wouldn't be able to blow a dart as far as Teemo.
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    Why ppl hate him ... it's kind of a troll champ. Shrooms are annoying, his dots are annoying, his speedup is annoying and the passive when abused is annoying.

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    Teemo deserves the nerfs he is getting. I step on two shrooms and I have to B because I'm one hit from death. I was Veigar though, so I decided to repay his R with my R. Never cross a Veigar.

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    Fucking mushrooms

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    Meh, I think its just a bandwagon thing. I never found teemo to be annoying and I knew about him before i even played against/with him.

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    Y u so mad at teemo?

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    He can get owned if you early gank him or cc him a lot

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vesco7892 View Post
    He can get owned if you early gank him or cc him a lot
    I don't think ppl hate teemo for being super strong ... it's just that his toolset is annoying. Same as Darius toolset with the pulls and bleeds and dunks is annoying or Singed toolset with the poison trail and tosses is annoying.

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    I'd say it's definitely because he's so damn cute and hops around all the time! Haters can't deal with it!

    Edit: I don't actually play Teemo myself, but I still think he's awesome! :-)

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    Permabanned till nerf on my list. Hate the ap nonsensical damage he puts out atm.

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    Because he's next to useless in a team fight if he's on your team.

    And if he's on the other team, nothing is more infuriating than escaping a gank with just a sliver of health only to run over a mushroom.

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    I love to play Teemo in 3v3 as ap, u just put few shrooms and enemy team is screwed, like free victory is to have ap teemo in 3v3

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    Hate that freaking badger with liandry's, he's just too annoying!

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    blind + increased run speed + shrooms + animations
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    i only play teemo as early support.

    and then kill them late game when they think im just support.

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    He is not hated that much, that's just a habbit.

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    Both love playing against him and hating it. I love it because he's generally squishy and easy to kill (maybe I've just met bad ones), hate it because of the mushrooms. They're insanely annoying.
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    Just played a dominion game and I got 2-shot by shrooms, yes 2-shot!

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