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    Eternal Flame, Sacred Shield or Selfless Healer [Holy] 5.4


    This is my first post here in MMO Champion forums.

    With 5.4 now live, Now the raiding starts again. I am one of the main healers in my group but still I have doubts which talent is better for 10 man

    Actually i think the eternal flame is not a nice talent since the nerf but im not sure.

    Im not a healing theorycrafter (dps only).

    The issue here which one is better talent for raiding 10 man.

    Im Using Sacred shield right now. I think it is a nice talent cause the 3 charges. Im SS and LoD spam to keep IH shield. But i read in a lot of forums that eternal flame still better than SS and SH. I want to know why and whats the playstyle cause i dont know if eternal flame blanketing is the way (my opinion).

    Please help to know which one use and what is the playstyle now smile.png

    Thanks in advance

    PD: An apology for my English is not my native language
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    I use EF for the majority of fights unless I really need to spam AOE heals (like 3rd boss) in which case I use SH.

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    Still Blanketing EF ?

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    I think it highly depends on the Healsetup in your Raid.
    If i'm healing with our MW i would go full matery and probably EF, but if I'm with a dizi my mastery ins't that good and i go hast and SH.

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    Not sure why we need another thread to discuss this when there is one with 60 pages of replies pre and post PTR and then a new one here after the ptr thread was locked.

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