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    Lack of crafting materials?

    Hi all,

    I'm currently levelling up the Huntsmen craft and have noticed how low the drop rates are on some of the materials needed. I know most of the materials come from chopping wood or mines but it seems very slow to level this craft without using the TP. Has anyone else noticed this at all?

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    Yes, my Huntsmen was my first profession I tried to raise (on my main). And I took everything I found in the world while doing my 100% map on that character, yet I couldn't do any significant profession-progress, since I didn't want to use the TP (and it was borked to hell). Only once I started to do some twinking I finally got enough mats. Maybe I was just really unlucky, I don't know.
    But now since I've got tons of twinks and stacked up ressources from them profession-leveling gets easier and faster.

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    One way to do it is level a main, then a couple alts as you level the alts, mine, chop, gather, pick up and salvage everything you can, by the time you get 3 level 80s you should have sufficient mats to level your mains professions and then some.

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    Thanks for the advice guys

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    I found it difficult to find mats on my main until about level 30, when I started slowing down my leveling and switfhed to just exploring zones and harvesting every collectable I came across, all of a sudden I have matts coming out of my ass. I've leveled an alt to 18 just from crafting

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    Salvage, explore, mine, and deposit EVERYTHING. Once I got to level 80, crafting was a joke and the same idea at 80 got me full exotic accessories, rings, and amulet.

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    I generaly found that I gathered enough materials to keep a single craft up to date with no problems. It was possible to manage 2 crafts as long as the materials did not overlap. Generaly it was the fine materials not the base componants that were the chokepoint. I'd have surpluss of the gathered mats but only just bairly have enough blood/scales/whatever to skill up and craft gear of apropreate level for the character. jewler pairs well with most crafts with minimal overlap. The only overlap you have is with armorsmith/weaponsmith/huntsman for 3 types of metals(copper platinum and mithril) however those 3 metal tiers are relitivly plentiful and you'll probalby find plenty to level with once you get past copper (tend to fall a bit short as you outlevel copper zones a bit quick)

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    There is certainly an overabundance of certain materials for professions that need them the least compared to professions that need them the most, not to mention there is no reliability in obtaining the latter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Snuckerpooks View Post
    Salvage, explore, mine, and deposit EVERYTHING. Once I got to level 80, crafting was a joke and the same idea at 80 got me full exotic accessories, rings, and amulet.
    This is the answer. Also if you have to store items you can't reduce like ore to ingots (on an alt you rarely play) since 250 is the cut off you could end up tossing or selling things you will need later when your leveling crafting, or trying to make some golds.

    I've spent about 6g total on TP buying stuff I probably already have while getting Craft Master.

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