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    Paragon always want to be the snowflake

    Let's address one of the most childish tactics in the world of warcraft. I am here to talk about how paragon always waits until another guild kills the last boss before they release a kill video. Why do they do this? My belief is they want to prove that the win belongs to them and no one else can have it. Rather like a child takes his ball and goes home when he/she finally wins the game so they have the last word so to speak. It's funny because back in tbc great guilds like sk gaming and nihilum would release they're videos almost immediately after a world first because they had nothing to fear. They were first and whoever was second didn't matter to them. The "great" paragon players on the other hand wait. The proliferation of mmo related tutorial movies on YouTube and other media has made progress faster so why act in such a manner. Why is their "ball" so important to them when others are willing to share with others?

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    It's absolutely acceptable. Of course it is. It's so the race for world 2nd still means something and no guild can leech off their tactics.

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    Maybe it takes them that amount of time to format and polish their video and it's all just a coincidence.

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    no world first guild post videos right after a world first because for this guys is the fun to find a strategy on bosses by themself

    not like you and your dbm

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    They do it to preserve the race. The other guilds shouldn't get a boost just because Paragon have already gotten World First.

    The only child is you OP for completely missing the point.

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    By not releasing a video that shows how they overcame a difficult fight, they ensure that no other guild can copy them, and potentially increase the time it takes for someone to come in second.

    By doing so, they increase the amount of time that they are not only first, but also the only ones to do the fight.

    Thats one theory anyway. And it makes perfect sense. If you put in the amount of time and effort required for a first kill, why not milk it for all its worth?

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    ...nothing to fear? How does Paragon have anything to fear if they're first? If you mean videos for bosses prior to the last, well, they're busy raiding so they don't release videos right away?

    It's out of respect for the other top guilds they don't release videos right away. They want other guilds to have a chance to beat the boss legitimately without a guide as well. If they released a video right away, they at the same time totally discredit EVERYBODY else, and everybody would say "yeah, they only beat it because they knew how Paragon did it". Your whole post is stupid, ignorant and illogical.

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    It kinda diminishes the race if you tell the others how to do it. I actually think it's better they wait until someone else does it, to see if there are alternatives and it also inspires competition.
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    Wow, a lot of Paragon hate here, did they reject your application? Are you annoyed you didn't get any world first? because your childish slander seems to point in that direction

    It's Their video, they can do with it what they wish

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    It makes perfect sense to me: Most of the time the guilds pushing world first are going in undergeared and therefore have to work around tactics or try new and interesting strategies to overcome the encounters because the "normal" way doesn't work yet. Nothing wrong in keeping your "new and interesting strategies" under wraps until another kill so your competitors don't look and say "Oh so THAT'S how they do it".
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    Why? They wait until others did their work themselves too... That's all there is to it.

    Truth about hardcore raiding is this:
    There are about 10 guild (generously counted) in the World that are capable of clearing content just by themselves without any form of aid.
    ALL other hardcore raiders aren't that hardcore at all. All of them rely on vids, guides and walk through info provided by the said 10 guilds. All they accomplish is re-enacting the fights fought by Paragon and companions.
    A true hardcore raider does not need a kill video. He/she does not need a raiding guide for the encounters. They go there, do their thing and get the job done.

    Another aspect of kill vids is the genital effect... Maybe Paragon just doesn't have to show it's virtual bigger penis to everyone else. Their actions speak loud enough.

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    Waiting to release a kill video is acctually respectable to other guilds in the race, because every guild kills a boss their own way, and should be shown respect for it. Imagine if you were on a boss for days, having 400+ wipes on it, developing your own strategy and almost getting it down, then a random guy from another guild just jumped in, linked a kill video and told them all it should be done THIS way. I bet you too would be pissed.
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    Not releasing the kill video preserves the 'purity' of the world second kill (no "omg they stole tactics11!"). And really, it's not just Paragon, so saying that is just trying to start a flamefest. Top guilds don't release kill videos immediately because it makes sense. I mean, if you really need to watch someone else do the fight just to get your kill, do you really deserve the credit for it? I think it's great that top guilds release videos at all, and especially in the case of Paragon they're always well done and clear videos. Also, the kill was a day ago, did you expect the video to be up and ready 30 minutes after? O.o

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    They don't have to release a video at all if they don't want to.

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    I hope the OP was just trolling really

    Now, every guild does this OP, not just Paragon.
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    Others already pointed out why they do it and why the OP is wrong, but I just have to point out how much I hate the "hurpadurp u think ur special snowflake'' argument. Every time someone uses it, it makes me want to slap them. There is nothing at all wrong with wanting to distinguish yourself from everyone else.

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    OP seems to be very upset due to the fact he can't see a video that THEY own obviously and they don't HAVE too release if they don't want to


    Hell most guilds do this yet you singled out paragon?


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    I think Paragon waits not to say they are good, but instead they want to see how the other top guilds achieve what they achieved and how long it takes them to achieve.

    Also, there's nothing greater than defeating a boss after a lot of wipes and learning his tacts by yourself, and I think Paragon wants other top guilds to experience that, therefore they don't put their videos as soon as they get a kill.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gobra View Post
    Wow, a lot of Paragon hate here
    Seems to be quite alot more paragon fanboyism too...whats your point?

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    They do it because it would completely diminish the accomplishments of world 2nd. If they released all those guilds would have to look at it to remain in the running. Its not ALL about first place.

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